Health benefits of Basil

In many folklore and religious contexts, Basil is mentioned as a “Holy” plant because of its jaw-dropping health benefits. This multiflavored herb has magical properties and our article today addresses the health benefits of basil.

Every part of the Basil plant is edible that is leaves, seeds, stems, and flowers. Leaves can be eaten raw and seed and flowers are dried and used as herbs and spices in many cuisines. You can extract the healthy benefits of Basil from every part of the plant.

What are the Health benefits of Basil leaves?

health benefits of basil

  • Basil leaves have a sweetly pungent taste. These leaves can be eaten fresh and raw or can be dried and used as a powder. Here are some points about What are the benefits of eating basil leaves
  • The leaves of Basil are healing food. You can eat them to treat digestive problems like bloating gas, and even constipation. Eating a few leaves of basil daily improves gut health and keeps the stomach working.
  • Basil leaves help to improve kidney function by lowering uric acid in the body.
  • Also, It has proven to be effective against arthritis. (As increased uric acid is a major reason for swollen joints).
  • If you are having motion sickness, eating a few basil leaves helps you feel better.

Basil medicinal uses

  • Basil treats fever, headache, and insomnia.
  • It also improves heart health.
  • As basil lowers blood pressure and reduces the fat buildup in the body, it can boost your metabolism and help you in effective weight loss. Also, basil reduces water retention in the body so by using basil you effectively lose “water weight” within a few days.
  • Basil plant is effective for the treatment of worms in the body.
  • Eating basil also improves liver function as it removes and fights fat built up around the liver. The liver plays a vital role in metabolism keeping our blood free of toxic elements.
  • Benefits of eating basil leave daily include diabetes management too. Basil has a low glycemic index and eating basil leaves keep the sugar release in control. The low amount of sugar in the blood is very helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting bacterial infections.
  • They are also good for pregnant ladies as they treat acid reflux. However, the amount of basil taken by pregnant women should be monitored.

How many Basil leaves can I eat daily?

The amount of basil leaves you can take daily depends on if you are eating it as a healthy addition to your food or as a medicine. For medicinal purposes, you can eat up to 1800mg of basil leaves daily and for daily use, you can consume up to 2000 mg of leaves daily.

However, these are the “maximum” limits at which you can eat basil leaves. Try to keep it lower than this.

Some Basil benefits for skin

  • Like any green herb, basil is full of vitamins and antioxidants that keep the skin fresh and young. Basil is effective against pimples and acne. It can treat your skin inside and out. As bad gut health or blood problems are the cause of many skin problems, Basil treats them so your skin stays healthy and luminous.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces redness, rashes, and allergies to the skin. You can add basil leaves to your salad or juices and reap their benefits.

What are the benefits of Basil seeds

Basil seeds are rich in fiber and are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. Usually you soak seeds in water for a few minutes before consumption. Basil seeds reduce cholesterol levels in the body and are super effective for gut health.

In ladies, basil seeds are very effective to regulate hormones and thus keep the menstrual cycle on time.  You can take up to up to 2 tsp of basil seeds daily. Never eat basil seeds raw. They can stick to the intestinal lining and absorb body water, causing the intestines to lose their grip and interfering with bowel movements.

Also, the best time to take basil seeds is early in the morning and as they are full of fiber, it helps you with hunger control too.

Mesmerizing benefits of Basil essential oils

basil essential oil

Instead of spending bucks on massage parlors and spas, you can use basil essential oils to treat your headache and relax.  Basil plant is very fragrant and has a mint-like fragrance. It is used in aroma therapy to soothe your nerves and calms you down.

Massaging basil essential oil on your head, helps you to sleep better. It is also effective in depression and anxiety.

Amazing benefits of Basil tea

Basil tea has medicinal properties.

  • It relieves cold, flu, and throat problems. The bioactive compounds in the basil plant improve lung conditions.
  • Basil tea helps fight insomnia.
  • Taking basil tea after a meal improves digestion.
  • Basil tea improves your skin health and texture.
  • A cup of basil tea daily soothes your overall body from within.

What are the benefits of Basil flower

basil flower

Basil flowers are mostly used as decorative garnish over many foods like salads, pasta, and even pizza.  They enhance the food flavor and give it an aromatic scent.  You can also make basil flower tea with basil flowers.

The benefits of the basil flower are quite amazing. The flowers are loaded with vitamin K Vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese. In some cases, Basil is also known to be effective against cancer too.

Above were the health benefits of the basil plant. Now is the time to see what are the side effects of basil.

Too many Basil side effects

Basil is overall a very healthy food addition. Although many people debate on whether Is basil a superfood or not, you must consume the the plant in moderate quantity. As basil lowers blood pressure and reduces fat built up, it can be dangerous for people who have bleeding disorders.

If a person is on blood thinning medicines, he must not take basil unsupervised or without a doctor’s consent. Keep in mind that basil doesn’t have any allergic reaction.

In the end, all we have to say is … The health benefits of basil are way more than we have summarized in this article. As you can plant basil in a simple plant pot, include this green herb in your daily diet as a must-add-on.

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