Types and benefits of tea; the tea tales

They say “if you want to win someone, win them over a cup of tea” and we can’t agree any less!. Tea lovers know that the temptation is irresistible. What is best than having tea time with your loved ones?
While the whole world is debating caffeine addiction and the benefits of tea. Yet here we are, sipping every drop right from the cup, directly to our heart.
In this article, we will discuss all about tea and everything nice associated with it. But first,

Is tea really an addiction?


Yes! And we are fully supportive of this. Caffeine addiction is absolutely real and tea was once listed as a socially accepted drug too.
First, you need to understand that “tea” doesn’t mean black tea only. Everything that is brewed or boiled to extract its benefits is called tea. For example, you can make lemon grass tea, hibiscus tea, green tea, lavender tea, etc. and there is no caffeine part in it. So, technically not every tea is an addiction.
Well, let’s talk specifically about caffeine. In this hectic routine, a little amount of caffeine is needed and necessary. With time, tea has become an inseparable part of our lives.
A normal cup of tea contains caffeine that has a refreshing impact on us. We need to dilute our stress and pressure and a cup of tea does it well.

Are there any benefits of tea?

In reality, tea benefits are way more than the internet tells us but at the same time, it also depends on what types of tea we are talking about?

Before diving into variant categories and their benefits let’s talk about

8 Interesting Benefits of tea every day

  1. A cup of tea daily keeps you fresh, active, and focused.
  2. Tea is the best soothing beverage for nerves. It helps you to relax and prepare you to get started again.
  3. The benefits of drinking tea in the morning are amazing. You can start your day with full commitment as tea will reduce lethargy and laziness.
  4. Tea is best for weight loss. It boosts your metabolism and strengthens your stamina.
  5. As tea is mostly served hot, you need to know the Benefits of hot tea too. It improves gut health and keeps the digestive system in good working condition.
  6. Tea is loaded with antioxidants which makes the skin fresh and glowing.
  7. A recent study shows that tea also helps in staying hydrated. You have to drink 5 cups of tea to keep up your hydration level. Again, be careful about choosing between the types of tea.
  8. The benefits of drinking tea at night include a peaceful and good night’s sleep with sweet dreams.

Also, We have a list of benefits of all teas to make sure you never say No to a cup of tea again.

Benefits of tea with milk and sugar

The first tea that comes to our mind is black tea. It is the most common, refreshing, and loved beverage. Black tea relieves stress and gives you a caffeine kick to start your day with a zing.

However, most people prefer black tea or coffee with milk. It has fewer calories compared to tea with milk and sugar.

We suggest having tea with milk and without sugar. Consuming too much sugar is not good anyway.
Black tea with milk benefits are more impressive as compared to sweet ones. Also, Milk already has natural sugar that gives a fine taste to the tea.
Moreover, if you carefully follow the Tea with milk recipe, you can make good tea without adding excessive sugar.

Sun tea and its amazing benefits

Well, a new recipe is brewing in town and people are simply loving it! Sun tea is made right under the bright light of our superstar, the sun.
Don’t worry about how to make sun tea. Just put some tea bags in water and place them under the sunbeams. As the tea brews under constant mild temperatures, it retains its healthy antioxidants and tastes exquisite.
Sun tea has all the benefits of normal tea just 100x more.

Green tea and its unlimited benefits

Types of tea

Who doesn’t know about green tea benefits? The tea is best for weight loss and boosting metabolism. Green tea keeps gut health on track and reduces the chance of diseases like blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.
You can also add lemon to make it more effective and healthy. There are quite impressive benefits of tea with lemon as Citrus helps in weight reduction, heals inflammation, and makes skin clearer.
You can also make Pink tea with green tea. It is basically green tea with milk. Traditionally, they make pink tea with milk and honey and add dry fruits to it. Pink tea is a delicacy and symbol of hospitality in many cultures.

Jasmine and chamomile tea and related benefits

The benefits of jasmine tea are unexpected. Unlike caffeinated teas that keep you awake, jasmine tea is a most effective natural remedy for treating insomnia. It has relaxant properties and acts as a sedative if taken at night.
Chamomile tea is best for digestive health. It improves digestion and gives relief to period cramps. The benefits of chamomile tea for weight loss are also undeniable.

The Amazing Benefits of oregano tea

History of tea links back to when humanity learned about medicine and healing. Oregano tea is slightly bitter but has medicinal properties. It is an effective remedy for cough, nausea, and sore throat and also helps in reducing bloating and belly aches.
Keeping the benefits of oregano tea in mind, its sharp taste can be ignored. Also, you may add honey to reduce the bitter taste.

In the end, the debates about the Benefits and side effects of tea will always conclude in favor of tea. So we suggest going to a Fresh element restaurant in Pokhara and ordering your cup of tea. If you need to know Why fresh element? Well, whether it be coffee, tea, cocktails, or wines, they have the world’s finest beverages.


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