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Fresh Elements Restaurant

Healthy gourmet food

Enjoy 100% natural and fresh dishes in the center of Pokhara. We are dedicated to preparing delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with fresh ingredients and recipes from various locations around the world. Our mission is to serve you fresh, delicious, and healthy food with no added MSG or any other chemicals.

About Us

The best organic food restaurant in Pokhara

Since our modest beginnings over 10 years ago, Fresh Elements Restaurant’s development has been enlivened to cook and serve healthy food prepared with only fresh ingredients

In contrast to other restaurants in Pokhara and Kathmandu, Fresh Element Restaurant was made with the explicit intention to appear as something unique.  

We realize almost all restaurants make use of MSG or other chemicals in preparing their dishes but we have a strong belief that when it comes to food and healthy drinks it is best made with only natural ingredients

Our organic food restaurant not only offers you nutritious dishes but, also ensures hygiene and care in every bite. 

At Fresh Elements Restaurant, we take extreme care in preserving and washing our ingredients. We use filtered water to wash our ingredients, hot water to wash the dishes, and the best quality water for our guests. 

Our reputation, good service, and excellent food have earned us the title of being in the top 10 restaurants in Pokhara on Trip Advisor and other travel sites. With over 10 years in the industry, we know what our guests want and their health needs. 

Part of our service is to make sure you have a delightful experience. Our staff will always welcome you with a smile on their faces and our facilities are specially prepared for your comfort. 



Fresh Foods

Delicious food with beautiful ambiance

When it concerns versatility in the environment, we are your best option.

Our restaurant is beautifully furnished, providing you with a graceful, yet homely ambiance for you to relax.

  • We have a family-friendly environment, in addition to a children’s menu, for our guests who come with the whole family.
  • We are available for private events, with the menu of your choice. 
  • Birthday celebrations are the best at Fresh Elements Restaurant. 
  • Brilliant lightning.
  • Live music every day. 
  • Movie projection screens. 
  • Enjoy your lunch while looking out over our garden.
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Looking to have a casual drink or relax with a cocktail? Visit our bar. 


All this is in one place and with the best customer service in Nepal.


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Visit the best restaurant in Nepal

We rule by satisfying the guest in all aspects. We are a natural food restaurant with the best service in Nepal. At Pokhara, we are dedicated to serving the guest in the best way possible.

Our guests are treated like royalty, with health-friendly dishes and first-class service. We also offer other amenities such as:

  • Comfortable chairs and tables. Feel at home in our comfortable facilities and enjoy delicious food with a view of our beautiful garden. 
  • Wi-Fi. Keep in touch with your friends and share your experiences in our restaurants. 
  • National and international menu. Choose from the finest continental, Nepali, Italian or Chinese food. What are you hungry for today? 


The pleasure of all things delicious

From lava grilled, through fish curry, to avocado smoothies; our menu features the most varied dishes of continental, Italian, Nepalese, Chinese, and Indian food.   


We also have:

  • Simple menu for children. 
  • Coffee drinks. 
  • Smoothies with fresh and organic fruits. 
  • Great selection of European wines.
  • Great variety of beers.

Delight your palate with 100% natural food with no MSG added. 

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