Tasty Fresh Food in the center of Pokhara

Organic food made from the heart.

The best place in Pokhara and Kathmandu to enjoy tasty and healthy organic dishes, with ingredients fresh from the farm.

Fresh Elements Restaurant offers you a beautifully furnished environment that provides you with a graceful yet homely ambiance for you to relax, friendly and attentive customer service from personnel that cares about your experience, and mouthwatering dishes prepared with minimal oil and no added MSG.

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, the founder of Fresh Elements Restaurant Ramesh Karki moved to Japan where he started his career as a chef. 

He worked in multiple restaurants and with various cuisines from different parts of the world. 

During this period he discovered his passion for preparing healthy meals and then kept on exploring and studying natural ingredients and dishes from both local and international countries. 

During his tour to experience top-level and Michelin Star restaurants, he gathered so much knowledge and came to the conclusion that the best and most healthy meals are the ones prepared with only fresh and organic ingredients. He strongly believes that adding chemicals to food to enhance its taste or flavor is unnecessary.

Since almost all restaurants or chefs are used to adding at least one or more artificial ingredients to their recipe he decided to take on the responsibility of being the savior of the Kitchen Kingdom, and with this big decision, Fresh Elements Restaurant was born! 

We pride ourselves in serving high-class dishes made with quality and fresh ingredients As we believe “you are what you eat”.

We pride ourselves in serving high-class dishes made with unique recipes and the finest of cocktails.

At Fresh Element Restaurant, our guests are treated like royalty. We prepare all our dishes with only natural ingredients, extreme hygiene measures, and the highest quality of water. 

Today, we are a leader restaurant on the online review platforms, famous for our dishes’ great attention and quality. You can enjoy all the ambiances we offer, our “longest bar”- a huge variety of wines which we import our self from Europe, projection screen, and live music every day!

Healthy food for every time of the day


Fresh gourmet food to start your day

Start your day with fresh food and energizing drinks with selected ingredients.

In beverages, we offer a wide variety of teas and coffees, while on the food menu you will find dishes such as: 

Lunch & Dinner

Continental, Nepalese, Chinese, Italian, and Indian dishes for your palate

For your lunch and dinner, our menu is the definition of variety. We have skilled chefs that come up with new creative dishes from time to time so that your taste buds won’t get bored. We also have a relaxed children’s menu for our family guests.

Our dishes reflect the extreme care we take in preparing them: our vegetables are washed with filtered water, dishes are washed with hot water, and we make sure our personnel are in the best of health. 

In our menu, you can find options such as the following:

Longest BAR

Visit Nepal's Longest Bar

Drop by the longest bar in Nepal and step into another world. Conversation flows over sparkling glasses and ambient music. Behind the bar, mixologists conjure up new concoctions and time-honored classic cocktails.


We offer multiple beautiful views

Are you looking for a restaurant with a family ambiance? Maybe somewhere elegant? Or somewhere fun? At Fresh Elements Restaurant, we offer you all these options.  On each level, you can enjoy different environments to suit your preferences. Enjoy an elegant cocktail at our bar, dinner with a garden view, lunch with a movie screening, and live music every day.  Enjoy the best organic food in Pokhara. with the mood of your choice. 

Fresh Foods

Feel the Extraordinary Love With Our Dishes



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I have spent few six weeks in Pokhara and I have eaten at Fresh Elements every day! The food is so delicious and fresh! The balance of spices and creativity of dishes! WOW! Wether European or Asian dishes they make them all so perfect. I am a very picky eater and went to many recommended ``best`` places to eat in Pokhara but I always ended up back at Fresh Elements. Also, I cannot praise enough the staff. The boys are providing such an exceptional customer service. The manager knows how to appreciate the customer. What a lovely place! I highly recommend it! Bonne appetite !

Anna - Australia Customer

I have been 5 times in this Fresh Elements Restaurant. The food was great , tasty, hygienic. I have ordered rosemary chicken which is best and first time I get real taste in rosemary chicken. So I like to tell the people that if you are looking for quality food in Pokhara then go and get your best meal at this restaurant. Probably most valuable restaurant of Pokhara Nepal.

Yogesh Kunwar Customer

Good food,good service ,good ambience..... Don't miss to go to this place when in Pokhara...

Ishu Pandey Rajouria Customer

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