What are the 6 best diet plans for weight-loss and overall health?

Balanced diet

It’s good that people are getting health conscious. The Internet is flooded with diet plans and there is no white and black about which diet plan to follow?. As every individual has different dietary needs that depend on their age, body type, and living conditions. Choosing the perfect and best diet plan can be tricky.
Well, we are here to help you find your perfect match. In this article, you will read about different plans and what type suits you. But first,

Are diet plans for weight loss only?

Balanced diet

Most of these diet plans are usually written under tags of “diet plan for weight loss”. However, this is not the case. Not every diet plan means “weight loss”. The stigma is that most of us don’t even give a second thought to the word “diet” unless our health condition raises an alarm.
We need to follow a proper diet plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body weight. It’s better to act sooner and switch to a healthy diet before it’s late.
When you follow the best diet plan, it helps you

  • To stay healthy
  • Keep your nutritional profile in check
  • Maintain your body mass index
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy and shiny
  • You stay active, fit, and focused

How does a diet plan work?

Nature has given us unlimited food choices. It is we humans who have classified them according to different food groups. You must understand how diets work.
Why you are going to follow a certain diet plan? depends on if you understand how it affects your body. Every human body is unique and able to adapt to changes in its way.
In different diets, we carefully select food from different groups that we find fit for a certain body type. Keep in mind that whatever diet you are following, must fulfill your nutritional needs as well.

What are the famous diet plans nowadays?


With changing times, people are experimenting more and now there are a lot of diet plans that affect the body differently. In the end, every diet plan is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote weight loss because obesity is a root cause of many health problems.
Here is a list of diets that have caused a stir amongst people.

Keto and Atkins

Some of the best low-carb diet plans include keto diets and Atkins diets. As celebrities follow these diet plans so people started following these diets blindly. These are also the best diet plans for belly fat loss.
However, regardless of how famous these diets are, in a long run, they are not good for people. Why?
Well, they work when you reduce carb and sugar levels. When carbohydrates are consumed in fewer amounts, the body starts breaking down fats. This may seem beneficial for “instant results” if you are looking for a quick weight loss diet plan.
However, It is dangerous for the body to stop consuming carbohydrates at all. In some cases, the body may go into a condition called ketoacidosis in which organs start failing one by one.

The intermittent fasting cycle

People adopt intermittent fasting for better health. In this diet, you have to eat food and then give a break for a certain period. The break allows the body to rest and boost itself again. This improves gut and brain health and keeps the person fit and active.
However, one mustn’t overeat or eat junk during the eating period. Otherwise, the purpose of this diet will remain unfulfilled. The famous type of intermittent fasting is the 16:8 cycle where the eating cycle consists of 8 hours. Intermittent fasting kick-starts your metabolism and helps in weight reduction.
As this diet boosts your gut health, this is also an anti-inflammatory diet plan.

Vegan and Flexitarian diet

Talking about the Vegan vs vegetarian diet, there is a noticeable difference A vegan diet allows people to only consume plant-based products and strictly forbids dairy products and byproducts. Whereas a vegetarian diet allows you to consume dairy products and sometimes even meat in a limited quantity.
These plant-based diets are not “calorie restrictive”. Instead, they focus on a healthy switch to plant-based protein and sugars. So it’s like adopting a lifestyle that allows you to benefit within “environment-friendly” boundaries.
Vegan and vegetarian diets are the best diabetic diet plans because they help in fighting diabetes in a better way. They keep weight in check, and tummy full, and allow healthy sugar and protein substitutes.

The Fertility diet

As the name suggests, this diet plan helps you to achieve a lifestyle that will boost fertility in both men and women. This may be the Best diet plan for weight loss for men as well as the best diet plan for weight loss for females.
Men and women have their separate fertility issues like women can have PCOS, fibroid, issues in Fallopian tubes, etc. Whereas men may have low sperm count, immune disorders, and genetic infertility issues.
This diet may boost weight loss in both genders but specifically targets good health. The fertility diet focuses on cutting down carbonated drinks and limiting the usage of red meat and bad fats.

Famous Mediterranean diet

This diet focuses on using Fresh fruit juices, salads, fish, olive oil, and nuts. This diet doesn’t only help with weight loss but is also the best diet for diabetes management. The diet is full of nutrition and helps with brain health also.

Portion Control


Amongst a list of diets, portion control is one of the most balanced diets. Portion control is not only a healthy diet plan but also allows you to eat from all food groups. Especially those who are fans of burgers and pizzas; can finally find a place where they can enjoy everything in a limited amount.
Portion control is a lifestyle choice in which you take a portion of food from every food group. This diet may not work like those “7-day diet plans for weight loss” but is surely the best diet plan if you are looking for permanent results.
It’s a blessing indeed for a true foodie who can’t afford to starve their taste buds. With portion control, people were able to manage diabetes, heart diseases, weight loss, arthritis, and gut health.
So we have provided you with some of the best diet plans and we hope you can find what you seek.

In the end, we suggest going to a fresh element restaurant and enjoying the finest food. It doesn’t matter if you are following a diet plan, their healthy food is never a NO!

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