Momos; a blessing for the Nepali food lovers


Nepal is rich in culture. One of the fun things to do while your visit to Nepal is buying yourself some nice food. The first dish that comes to our mind when we talk about the Nepali food list is Momos. Its surely one of the top 10 Nepali food items that have gained massive […]

Amazing benefits of fasting you should know

Fasting diet

People have been adopting different diets and fasting is one of them.  There are lot of benefits of fasting like weight-loss, good gut health, better mental health and great skin. Variant diets impact your body differently so what works better for you might not goes well with someone else. Regardless of all the health benefits […]

Pokhara; a trip to Heaven


Pokhara is a world-famous travel destination. The city is well known for its scenic views and delicious food. As Pokhara is situated on a lakeside, the city is a major attraction for tourism… Mark the spot on the map because the lakes, temples, trails, and restaurants in Pokhara valley have everything that you can dream […]

7 Nepali food items that are worth trying!


Nepal is indeed a dream destination for tourists. The enriched geographical fertile plains and beautiful forested hills are heavens on earth. As Nepal is highlighted for its rich and diverse culture, traditional Nepali food is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. In this article, we will share some famous Nepali food […]

5 sugar-free diet benefits you need to know

sugar-free diet

Is sugar good for you? Yes absolutely. Sugar is beneficial in many ways but cutting it down brings another level of peace and comfort to life. For those who need to understand, we have quoted 5 sugar-free diet benefits in this article. The world is divided into two groups. Some advocate no sugar benefits and […]

Diet plans; What is the best diet plan to follow and how they work?

Balanced diet

It’s good that people are getting health conscious. The Internet is flooded with diet plans and there is no white and black about which diet plan to follow?. As every individual has different dietary needs that depend on their age, body type, and living conditions. Choosing the perfect and best diet plan can be tricky. […]

Interesting and Quick Food Ideas That Will Light up Your Dinner  Table

Interesting and Quick Food Ideas That Will Light up Your Dinner  Table Dinner is that time of the day when the entire family gathers around the day after a long hectic day at work. It is mainly when everyone is looking for a peaceful time to enjoy with their family while having an amazing meal. […]

Intersting children’s menu ideas!

Natural sugar

Interesting children’s menu ideas; what your children should and shouldn’t eat Children are moody especially when it’s time to eat. We parents know how hard and messy it can be. Most of the time they won’t eat what’s on their plate and whatever they crave at the moment doesn’t even exist. Parents all over the […]

The best Pizza hunt; A true treat for Foodaholics

Thank God we are living in modern times where Pizza is as advanced as ourselves. Now we have variant flavors, cheesy toppings, and crunchy crusts.  We can choose the pizza of our dreams from a variety of flavors and textures. Today in this article,  we will spill some beans on why Pizza is so widely […]

Why breakfast is important?

They say “breakfast decides one’s fate for the day” and we agree wholeheartedly with it. No point can advocate against the importance of the most vital meal of the day. We all should and must eat breakfast without any excuse.  In this article, we will try to elaborate on why breakfast is important and why […]