Different Types Of Food And How To Make Portions In Your Daily Diet!

The world is full of variant types of food cultures. Some are veg and some are non-veg. It doesn’t matter if you like Chinese types of food or Mexican types of food. One thing common across the globe is how we categorize these different types of food into diverse food groups. Today our article is […]

Stress Eating And Its Consequences- How to Get Rid of it?

eating anxiety

At least one out of every five people claims that they stress eat in difficult situations. Unfortunately, with the advancement of lifestyle, stress eating is getting quite common. However, as harmless as it sounds, it has quite adverse effects on both the physical and emotional health of a person. What Causes Stress Eating or Eating […]

How to Stop Eating Junk Food and Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle?

stop eating junk food

The whole world advocates not eating junk food and we agree with it. It is a poison that is slowly eating away at our health. Today our article is about how to stop eating junk food and adopt a healthy lifestyle instead. What is Junk Food Meaning? Junk food is defined as food that has […]

Apple pie ; the fantasy in reality-recipe and tips

sweet apple pie

From Adam’s forbidden apple to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, humanity has shared its complex bond with apples. This love-hate relationship has taken many turns until the first apple pie was made. Right from there, the dish made its way through everyone’s hearts, and nowadays apple pie is a must on every […]

Some popular and easy Desserts list and recipes

famous dessert

Who doesn’t want a bite of sweet deliciousness after an appetizing meal? Desserts create that “high” feeling of happiness and satisfaction that keep people hooked to the urge for more and more. Today our article is about all the sweet tooths out there who want to tickle their happy hormones with some savory sweetness. We […]

Cheesecake; a savory delicacy

best cheesecake

Desserts are yummy but savory cheesecake stands out in terms of both taste and texture. Indeed cheesecakes have changed the whole concept of cakes and pastries. Now the internet is full of cheesecake recipes and everyone wants more of it! What makes finger-licking cheesecake so good? You need to try it yourself to find out […]

Vinegar uses in our daily lives that will amaze you!

Vinegar uses are limitless. Imagine a single potion used in everything from cleaning to cooking and even detoxing your body! Abracadabra Vinegar is here! Vinegar has multiple uses ranging from cooking to industrial and medicinal uses. Today our article is about the amazing uses of vinegar.  Trust us! This information will change your life and […]

Oregano Benefits and uses

ooregano benefits and uses

Oregano is one of those flavor-enhancing aromatic herbs that have great advantages too. This herb originated from the mint family and has lots of health benefits and uses in our daily lives. Usually, the oregano leaves are dried and used in variant cuisines. Our topic today is oregano benefits and uses. Oregano benefits and uses […]

Turmeric Benefits and side effects you must know!

turmeric health benefits

Turmeric benefits are not unknown to mankind. This gold of spices is being used for its medicinal and health benefits for centuries. In many cultures, turmeric is a basic ingredient for a lot of cuisines. Our article today is to reveal all the health benefits and possible side effects of turmeric. Effective health benefits of […]