The best Pizza hunt; A true treat for Foodaholics

Thank God we are living in modern times where Pizza is as advanced as ourselves. Now we have variant flavors, cheesy toppings, and crunchy crusts.  We can choose the pizza of our dreams from a variety of flavors and textures.

Today in this article,  we will spill some beans on why Pizza is so widely loved and how to get the best pizza deal in town. 

The Pizza story

Imagine a time when a flatbread with some topping was considered Pizza. Modern-day,  first introduced as an Italian dish has turned into worldwide favorite food within a century. 

Although eating a lot of this food is not advised but everyone knows the temptation of an irresistible cheesy treat. We mean who can say No when it comes to a slice. 

Have you ever given thought that your pizza experience needs to be divine? We have some tricks rolled up in our sleeves to ensure your heavenly episode. 

But first, Is pizza a healthy food? 

Well, straight forward answer may be No but foodies know how to make little exceptions every once in a while. Pizza is mostly carbohydrates and fats. It’s not good to eat often or regularly. 

A pizza contains a lot of calories. Of course, you can’t claim that by eating cake you have eaten your eggs and butter portion.  Similarly, cheese and bread may be healthy but only if they are consumed separately,  on time, and in proper portions. 

A normal recipe includes crust, cheese, and something savory as a topping.  Many cooks use sausages or toppings made from processed meat. Consuming processed meat cause obesity and related problems. 

Pizza herbs and spices are other things that give the aroma and flavoring to a dish but never use MSG as a flavoring agent. It may cause allergies and asthma. 

Best Pizza in town

Wait! What? Are there any cons of pizza involved here? 

Some of the possible side effects of pizza are

  • Eating a lot of pizza cause obesity. It can increase your blood pressure and trigger health problems. 
  • Carbohydrates are necessary but it is a way more dose of carbs for a person to handle in a day. 
  • Pizza is full of calories. It satisfies your hunger and makes you lethargic. Don’t wonder why you are feeling sleepy. Those extra calories want to sew your clothes a little tighter. 
  • It’s a unique dish with diverse ingredients combined with crafty cuisine. You never know if you are allergic to any ingredient. So be wise to know all the ingredients before investing in a dish. 
  • When consumed at night,  it can be heavy on the stomach. It’s important to walk for some time before going to bed. 
  • Pizza is a combination of food items. You need to eat them in a limited portion anyway. For example,  cheese!  It has benefits, but you must eat it in a bound quantity. Whereas, this pie on the other hand is flooded with cheese. 
  • The next ingredient is white flour. White flour is also not good for health as compared to wheat flour. The same goes for other ingredients. Now all these No No items in one pizza makes it unhealthy.  We hope we have made our point here!
  • It’s important to restrain yourself from devouring large portions. One slice is enough if you are a regular buyer.

Oh! pizza lovers,  the story is not over yet! 

It breaks our hearts to know that Pizza is “Guilty” of our pleasure. One still has a chance to claim his share of love through one slice. It doesn’t hurt to steal a moment of joy for yourself. 

On a brighter note,  Pizza has some pros too! 

  • Being positive, it is an instant source of energy. It may not be very nutritious but if you are in a hurry,  a slice can serve your tummy well. 
  • Whether it be a Netflix time with your friends or a party at your place.! It is a great party snack.
  • The topping does not consist of processed meat only. It has veggies like tomatoes, onions, and super healthy food like Olives too. Come on, guys! it has to have some benefits too.
  • It is the essence of joy for humanity. One should never think to say entirely and completely NO to this food. We don’t know if the world needs a “diet-p” or “salad-p” but pizza is a must!. 

So, Pizza is not a healthy food like salads or fresh fruit juices,  but it is not as bad either. Especially if you are ok with its restricted consumption. 

Why do we love Pizza?

Well, pizza is here, take a bite and indulge yourself in an ocean of taste. We have already made up ground for our foodies to have this treat. The best pizza will always have 

Nummy crust

It doesn’t matter whether you like a thin crust or a thick one. If the crust is finely cooked and dissolves in your mouth at the very first bite. You are having the right slice. The crust needs to be both crunchy and soft at the same time. 

A tasty topping 

Well,  crunch is fun but the topping is what the whole party is about.  Imagine that sticky cheese hanging between two slices..yum yum! The mix experience of a crunchy crust and a bite of flooding cheese is surely something worth your bucks. 

Unique flavor 

pizzas come in some usual flavoring like Fujita or brb-q but the world is demanding more. So, Is pineapple a thing?  Or does Nutella topping exists?  Yes!  Absolutely. Food lovers are always in search of unique tastes

As we have mentioned earlier pizza has evolved a lot. If it can come to this point where it is today,  there is no harm in exploring more tastes. Human beings are complex especially when it comes to the amusement of their taste buds. 

Now with all that information, do you still have to know why we love it so much?

Where to find the best pizza? 

Come to Fresh element restaurant in Pokhara or Kathmandu and have a divine experience of the world’s best pizza. They have an Italian oven and all their pizza recipes are super delicious. 

The excellent thing about their pizza is natural and fresh ingredients,  No MSG, and made with the love that you deserve!!

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