Fresh Salad and the Amazing Benefits for the body

Salad Ingredients

In a world full of fast food, the struggle to become a salad lover is real. People consume oily and junk food knowing that it will cause obesity and other health problems. If one would know the benefits of fresh Salad for the body, we bet you will consider switching to them forever.

Why salads?

The benefits of salads are way more than one can imagine. Our body needs a balanced diet. We need proper portions of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. In the past few decades,  salads were treated as a “side dish”. Nowadays, with a careful choice of a portion, even a simple salad can serve as a full diet. 

The food industry has also grown remarkably and it seems like now the whole world is sharing a plate.  Hundred of different fresh salad recipes are available online. It has made it easy for people to buy whatever ingredients are available in their marketplace and turn them into a healthy platter. 

Fresh Lettuce Leafs

Convincing Health benefits of Fresh Salads

From weight loss to keeping your body fresh and active, every single benefit is worth trying salad. People need a little insight into why they need Salads to be their tummy gems. So here are some of the convincing health benefits of Fresh salads to keep you motivated to be healthy. 

Benefits of Salads for skin

Salads keep your skin fresh and healthy, especially fresh salads with vegetables. All the Salad bowls that are loaded with veggies and herbs are the best for improving skin texture. Greenies are full of minerals and vitamins. Also these have antioxidant properties to keep your skin rejuvenated. 

Instead of trying anti-aging creams,  a bowl of salad daily will be more helpful in keeping your skin young and glowing. They can literally reverse the damage done to the skin. For example, consuming fresh salad with lettuce will lessen the black spots on the skin and remove blemishes. 

Similarly, fresh salad recipes with fruits and fiber make your skin glittery and illuminating. Some salad vegetables like lettuce,  cabbage, spinach,  green herbs,  watercress, etc, are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

We can almost add all types of veggies to Salads. So these could be tomatoes,  peas, carrots, and even the right amount of boiled potatoes to increase the efficiency of a salad diet.

Jaw droppings benefits of Salad for weight-loss 

 Hitting Gyms is as difficult as walking on a path full of fire and we fully understand that. A lot of people lose their weight loss motivation because the idea of going gym is a deal-breaker for them. What if we tell you we have another mind-blowing solution. 

Eating Salads is a very effective and efficient way of reducing weight. How?  When you switch to salad 

  • It keeps your hunger in check.
  • Saves you from consuming junk and fast food. 
  • Satisfies your appetite and gives you a feeling of fullness. 
  • With salad, you can have a delicious meal with no added oils or extra fats. 
  • For weight loss, you can make a fresh salad with chicken, tuna, or salmon
  • Adding berries makes them yummylicious and increases fiber content in the bowl.
  • Boiled red beans or lentils are a great source of protein.  So you can actually have a meal that is full of nutrients,  dainty on taste buds, and super healthy. 
  • Keeps you fresh and light all day long.
  • Eating Salad every day for a month will increase your metabolism and trigger weight loss.
Getting on a diet

A highlight on the Importance of salad in a meal

 Salads are power meals themselves. You can either have a salad as a full meal or as a portion. However,  many cultures still follow salad as a part of the whole table. This is also fine. If it’s hard for you to be a “Salad lover” at least you can add a portion of it to your daily meal to reap its benefits. Fresh salad ingredients can keep your daily nutrient intake at point. 

Here The world has a question: “Is raw salad good for health?” Oh yes!  Totally. Make sure your fresh fruit salad ingredients are properly cleaned and your fresh salad with Vegetables doesn’t contain unwashed or rotten vegetables. 

Consuming fresh salad ensures the proper fiber and mineral contents that will get wasted otherwise. Green vegetables should be eaten in raw form. However,  you can also add some boiled vegetables. You will start seeing positive results in your health after eating salad for a week. 

Eating salad at night is good or bad?

That totally depends. If your idea of Salad is a “side deal”, at some point in the night it will make you hungry, craving for more food. Clearly you should eat “power salad” at night. 

In general,  Salad can help you to get a more relaxed sleep at night. Some vegetables have calming effects. A full portion plate will act as a tranquilizer to go deep into sleep.

 No need to count sheeps,  just eat a bowl of salad daily and have sweet dreams!

How Using Fresh herbs in salad dressing can be helpful?

Herbs are healthy and tasty. Dried herbs act as a seasoning for Salad. This way you can enhance taste and add various flavors to keep you going with a salad diet. Along with herbs you can also add another seasoning like salt, black pepper,  a teaspoon of olive oil, etc to boost flavor. Some people also use MSG, we don’t recommend that because it can cause allergy. 

Different Herbs

Are there any scary or harmful effects of Salads? 

If you are a junkie lover,  the sight of Salad may already be a horror show for you. 

Unless you are not allergic to any ingredient, there are no such harmful effects of Salad. Some people may complain of belly aches after consuming the fresh salad.  Firstly this is  because either the veggies were not hygienic(due to pesticides or other chemicals used during harvest.  Or you didn’t wash them well. You must go for totally safe products. 

Also,  don’t consume salad after longer periods. If you want to know how long is fresh salad good for,  check the expiry date. It’s mostly two days after manufacturing (provided that you kept it refrigerated too). If you are making Salad at home however it’s better to not keep it refrigerated for more than a day. 

How to make Fresh Salad? 

Stop searching the Posters about the benefits of fresh ingredients in making salads and start with whatever you are at home. Bring out those ignored veggies, peel them, slice up, and boil down. 

In the end if you are lazy enough and want a divine experience with Salad, firstly we suggest going to the Fresh elements restaurant in Pokhara and Kathmandu and eating the salad of your life. They serve the best Salads in town! 

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