Amazing benefits of fasting you should know

Fasting diet

People have been adopting different diets and fasting is one of them.  There are lot of benefits of fasting like weight-loss, good gut health, better mental health and great skin. Variant diets impact your body differently so what works better for you might not goes well with someone else. Regardless of all the health benefits of fasting, It’s important to know what type of fasting will suit you?
In this article, we will talk about fasting, how it works, and the benefits of fasting in detail.

What is a fasting diet?

Diet in fasting

To achieve health goals, People restrain themselves from eating anything for a certain period. This gap allows their body to heal positively in many ways. We call this a fasting diet.
Now we must understand how long is fasting good for health? is not the same for everyone. Well, Just as Diets have differing effects on individuals, fasting also has divergent effects on people.
Here comes variant types of intermittent fasting schedules. Some of the commonly adopted fasting methods are

Fasting on alternate days

It is a 12 hours intermittent fasting cycle where you can eat for 12 hours and have to keep fast for 36 hours.

Eat Stop and eat method

This diet helps you to restrain yourself for a whole day from eating anything. Eat, sleep, eat is a 24 hours intermittent fasting.

Reverse fasting

In reverse fasting, you are allowed to eat one big meal for an entire day or eat within 4 hours window. Keep fast for the next 20 hours.

5:2 fasting

In this type of intermittent fasting diet, you are allowed to eat only 500 calories for any two days a week. On other days you can follow a simple routine. However, the fasting days must be non-consecutive.

The intermittent fasting16/8 rule

You are allowed to eat in 8 hours window and have to keep fast for the rest of the 16 hours. For example, if you have eaten at 10 o clock in the morning, you can eat till 6 o clock in the evening.

What to eat during intermittent fasting?

Fasting diet

There is a common myth that following a fasting diet means not eating any food at all. People link fasting with religious responsibilities. A fasting diet has nothing to do with that.
You can include fresh fruits, veggies, and salad on your menu. Also, you may increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated during fast. You can also take fresh fruit juices of less sugary fruits like peach or apple.

But does intermittent fasting works actually?

Oh yes, it surely has a positive impact on health but it depends on what diet plan are you following.
People with certain body types may need more fasting than others. Every diet affects your metabolism and this is because every metabolism works uniquely. Your diet and metabolic activities go hand in hand.
Fasting is also adapted as a remedy for health. The most common purpose of whatever diet people follow is weight loss. Though it should be overall health with a fit and active body.
If the diet doesn’t suit you, it may help you in weight loss for a time being. However, in a long run, it will have adverse effects on both your physical and mental health.

The 6 amazing benefits of fasting

Fasting has lots of positive impacts on the body. Some of the amazing benefits of fasting are

1. Fasting keeps you healthy wealthy and wise

Gone are the days when early to bed and early to rise were enough to keep you healthy wealthy and wise. The new version includes fasting too. Your body and soul need proper rest to prosper. Fasting is also a way of giving your body a rest.
When we eat something the body is stuck in 6 hours cycle. Our stomach and whole digestive system start working to digest the food. When we eat anything in between or after the time, our body continues that cycle again. Constant functioning slows down metabolism.

Fasting gives our body rest and as a result, our metabolism works faster. This keeps us fresh, active, and energetic. It also refreshes our minds and we tend to feel light and joyful.

2. Helps with insomnia

Fasting helps you fight insomnia. As the body starts working and resting adequately, your sleep cycle gets better.

3. Fight diseases

  • Most diseases are caused by obesity and slow metabolism. When we do 12- hour intermittent fasting, our cellular energy enhances and our immune system improves.
  • Fasting keeps our blood sugar levels normal and thus helps to fight diabetes.
  • It also helps in controlling cholesterol build-up which improves our heart health.
  • Fasting also promotes cell regeneration and improves brain health.
  • Our gut health becomes better and the body digests the food properly.
  • Keeps our hormones balanced.

4. Aids weight loss

Weight loss fasting
Many people who are unable to reduce weight otherwise, shed pounds through fasting. As fasting increases metabolism and keeps our hormones in check, people lose weight faster.

So if you are stuck with your keto or sugar-free diet, try intermittent fasting.

5. Fights ageing

The best thing about intermittent fasting is that it’s anti-ageing. Benefits of fasting for 24 hours include reduced inflammation, effective body cell waste removal, and, normal blood sugar level. This helps to fight the ageing process.
Intermittent fasting also promotes cell regeneration and keeps our skin healthy.

6. Keeps our mental health in check

There are not only physical health benefits of fasting but also mental benefits of fasting. Fasting improves our mental health in many ways.
As we stay healthy and energetic, it has a positive impact on our psychological health. The Benefits of fasting for 16 hours include fighting depression and allowing us to cope with negative thoughts.

How to start intermittent fasting?

All you need is a little motivation and a kickstart. Once you start doing it, after seeing the positive impact, you won’t want to stop at all. Stay focused and motivated. You will see the result yourself.

Are there any disadvantages of fasting?

If done right, your body and soul only benefit from fasting. There is no such side effect of fasting. However, staying hungry for irregular periods can cause damage to bodily functions and make you lethargic and weak.
In the end, all we have to say is that intermittent fasting is the only better way to enhance your physical and mental health.

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