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Interesting children’s menu ideas; what your children should and shouldn’t eat

Children are moody especially when it’s time to eat. We parents know how hard and messy it can be. Most of the time they won’t eat what’s on their plate and whatever they crave at the moment doesn’t even exist. Parents all over the world want interesting children’s menu ideas that can keep kids full and calm at the same time.

In this article, we have some ideas to keep your children hooked to the plate.

Little Picky eaters


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When a child doesn’t eat, mothers suffer a lot. In the whole process of trying to feed their children, sometimes moms miss their meals.

We categorize children into different age groups and meal times. So it’s important to go for variant children’s menu ideas for different children.

  • Some children don’t eat breakfast. This is bad because skipping breakfast means a serious compromise on health.
  • Then there are lunch skippers. Usually, school-going children show this type of carelessness. They don’t even touch their lunch boxes. This could happen because the child is simply not interested in eating food at all. With clever menu ideas for school-going children, Moms can motivate them to finish their lunch boxes.
  • Another category is children who don’t eat dinner. Mostly when a child has a bad timetable to follow or eats junk all day will skip dinner. With easy dinner ideas, you can motivate your kid to sleep with a full tummy.

Interesting children’s menu ideas

Well, Skipping any meal is not at all a healthy habit. This can cause serious nutritional deficiencies in children and affect both their physical health and performance adversely. To motivate your child you must keep your menu interesting and healthy. This is how

Add some fun

Children have playful minds. They don’t understand the logic but they are attracted to anything that seems interesting. You can make different animals from fruits. Make caterpillars from grapes or pixies from strawberries. Fruits are the best menu plan for a school-going child. You can feed them healthy while keeping the fun part alive.

Pour some colors

Have you ever noticed why skittles or jellies come in different colors?

Trust us, children don’t know anything about veggies. That “eww” solely comes from the green part. So paint their plate wisely with different colored fruits and veggies and see the difference.

For example, add strawberries with grapes, and pour carrots into noodles along with green veggies. You don’t need to be the best chef to make the plate “artistic”.

The Internet is full of children’s menu ideas where you can search for kid-friendly meals for picky eaters.

Mix and Match

Children like to try different things at a time. One food bores them. So while preparing their lunch box, try to keep portions of different foods.

For example, give your child a sandwich and a banana to finish after it. You can give them air-fried potato chips or eggs with noodles. This way they will empty their plate more quickly than your expectations. Try it!

Reward them

This is a very effective way to make sure your child finishes his plate on time. You can give them cookies as a reward or announce an ice cream party after the meal and see the magic. Offer desserts after dinner.

What is the best dish for kids?

Food for children







Keeping children’s volatile nature in mind, parents are worried about what is the best dish for kids.

Well, anything that is natural, nutritious, and healthy is best for kids. Every healthy kid-friendly meal must include a portion diet from all nutrition groups. Things that your child should not eat in large quantities are

  • Sweets and candies. Instead, try homemade dessert recipes. Sweets and chocolates don’t only make kids addicted to them, but also fulfill their daily sugar requirement. Your child won’t eat dinner if he has already eaten sweets. Artificial sweets are hunger killers.
  • Processed meat. Try giving them meals made from natural and fresh meat. Processed meat is not only unhealthy but also heavy on the budget. There are many recipes for kids’ friendly meals on a budget. For example, you can make homemade nuggets or sausages. These are hardly 30-minute kid-friendly meals ideas but are very healthy and beneficial for your kids.
  • Avoid too much oily food. This can make children obese and lethargic. You can replace oily food with steamed food. Use air fryers. For taste use herbs and spices.

Also, there are things that you must include in your kid’s favorite meals.

  • These are Include salads in kids’ meals. We know how children react to veggies so you need to be crafty to motivate them to finish their plate. Use our interesting children’s menu ideas mentioned above.
  • Instead of giving them fruit juices with artificial flavoring, try including fresh Fruit juices in their meal. There is a yummy alternative to every boring food with the same nutritious profile.
  • If your child doesn’t like milk, give them flavored yogurt. Just add strawberries or mangoes to yogurt and blend them to make delicious yogurt. Yummy meals are the best menu for 3-5 years old kids as they encourage them to eat variant foods.
  • Focus on “full diet” meals. You can’t force a child to eat every food group so make a dish that contains variant ingredients. For example, in pasta, you can add veggies, carbs, and meat.
  • Develop healthy eating habits from an early age. A little party time doesn’t hurt. Pizza or burgers are indeed fun dinner ideas for a family night but don’t get addicted to them.

Children’s menu ideas while dining outside in a restaurant









Taking children out for the dining experience is a tour de trek in itself. Picky eater children can be difficult to handle. However, there are restaurants like Fresh Element restaurant in Pokhara where kids are equally loved and welcome as adults. Here is why

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