Tips for the best fruit cake- Is Fruit Cake Healthy and why you must eat Fruitcake?

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From battles to festivities and from being an evening snack to energy bars, fruit cake has always been at the top of the dessert list. There are variant recipes and each fruit cake recipe is as delicious as expected. Today our article is about fruit cake and whether is it actually healthy or not.

What Fruits are in Fruit Cake?

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Although many countries claim the origin of this cake, the history of fruit cake dates back to Roman battles where they were served as energy bars. Later on, they became personal favorites of English kings and queens. Today, with variant recipes, they are served on occasions and festivities.

You can add almost all dried fruits and nuts in your cake. This cake is loaded with candy fruits, raisins, and nuts. Unlike ordinary cakes, in a fruit cake recipe, you use alcohol-dipped raisins. Soaking fruits in alcohol keeps the fruits moist. Alcohol acts as a preservative and the cake can be stored for a longer period. This also gives fruit cake its unique tangy flavor and dark color. You may use Rum, whiskey, or any citrus-flavored liquor according to your taste preferences.

You must have seen those red and green bits in fruit cake. They are candy fruits, dipped in sugar syrup. The sugar syrup preserves the actual flavor of fruits and gives them a specific glace and shine. For a better taste of cake, you have to wait for a day or two before the final serving so that the alcohol simmers through it perfectly.

Other than nuts and raisins, fresh fruits are also used. That depends on what type of fruit cake you are making.

Here you must know that fresh cakes are usually light in color preferably lime color. Whereas one with alcohol and raisins is dark brown and can be stored for longer periods.

Is Fruit Cake a Healthy Snack?

Even though fruit cake is full of raisins and fruits, this is not at all a  “healthy” snack. Like any dessert, this cake is full of calories not “nutrition”. It was the high-calorie factor due to which soldiers used it as energy bars during battles but this definitely doesn’t make it health-wise any better than ordinary cake.

All those nuts and fruits, won’t make up for your required fruit intake. So this cake must be eaten solely for pleasure and not nutrition.

Why You Must Eat Fruit Cake?

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Whether it’s a chilly evening or Christmas dinner, fruit cake goes with all occasions and at all times. Reasons, why this cake is a must for you, are

It Boosts Your Happy Hormones

If it can’t make you happy, it’s not a dessert. That’s a whole point of desserts anyway. Trust us this cakes give you a high feeling of satisfaction and you simply can’t resist the temptation. Nibbling one bite after another and you can feel the joy rushing in your veins.

They Are Excellent Energy Bars

This cake is full of calories Yes! Exactly the reason why they are great for winter evenings. Raisins, nuts, and glazed fruits keep you warm on cold winter days.

Best For Occasions And Festivities

As these cakes can be made and stored prior so they are best to serve on any occasion. You can simply make and store them for the actual day. That is why they are the best choice for Christmas dinners and cocktail parties.

Easy To Make

Despite being such a finesse, it is surprisingly easy to make this cake. No extra hassle or ingredients are involved. You can bake one big loaf or make mini fruit cakes that too whenever you find it easy.

Here we need to reveal to you what is the shelf life of a fruitcake. Well, in the freezer you can store this cake for up to 1 year. In refrigerator for up to 6 months and at room temperature, for up to 1 month. However, this shelf life is of traditional fruit cake and not a fresh one.

The Best Snack Ever

Also known as holiday cake, this cake is the best snack. You can also add it to the menu as a dessert. Served with morning coffee or evening tea, fruit cake is the most traditional snack ever. It’s super tasty and rich in flavor.

Are Christmas Cake and Fruit Cake the Same?

Christmas cake is indeed called fruit cake. However, it’s Christmas pudding that is different. A Christmas cake is loaded with nuts and fruits. Usually, it is topped with icing or a candy-like texture made with ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites. Whereas Christmas pudding is made with flour, suet, and dry fruits and has a spongy and light texture.

Some Tips to Enhance Your Fruit Cake Recipe

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  • To make the best fruit cake, load it with a variety of dry fruits. Use figs, raisins, golden raisins, nuts, almonds, apricot, peaches, cherries, and whatever other dry fruit you can think of.
  • To make the cake taste better, soak the fruits in alcohol for at least 2 days before baking the cake. This makes the fruits soft and moist and the more they absorb the alcohol the better the taste.
  • Add apples, lemon zest, or orange juice according to your flavor preference to enhance the taste of the fruit cake.
  • To store the cake, use alcohol-dipped cheesecloth and wrap the cake in it. Keep changing your cloth every week. This will keep the cake moist and fresh for a longer period. Also, you may keep brushing syrup on the top of the cake to keep it moist. Sometimes bakers also brush milk or cold water on the cake too.
  • You can also soak fruits in nonalcoholic beverages. Orange juice is the best for that. In alcohols, Rum is the best for fruit cakes.

In the end, all we have to say is one doesn’t need an occasion to enjoy the tasty fruit cake. Just have it because you want it! It’s super easy to make and can be stored for months.


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