Most popular Cocktails; Magic in chalice


When the world was introduced to cocktails, nothing more delicious can win our taste buds now! Today we will reveal the world’s best and most popular cocktail drinks and the secret behind their magic. Those colorful and tasty potions are more than just wine and flavor. They are the epitome of finery and art mixed in a glass; A pure magic in a chalice indeed!

Since the beginning, human beings have been keen on experimenting especially when it comes to pleasure. We say Cocktails are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. The idea behind cocktails is not simply mixing the ingredients but targeting those senses that fill us with pleasure, and happiness.

How are cocktails made?


Barkeepers all over the world are trying to master the art of cocktails which is not as easy as it seems. Well, Cocktails are not simply alcohol and juice. The actual recipe here is the precision of hands. We must admit that only a few maestros can create pure magic in a chalice.

Mostly a cocktail drink recipe includes an alcoholic beverage with a mix of flavors either extracted from fruit juices or achieved through mixing different ingredients. However, The usage of alcohol as the main ingredient can limit the cocktails to bars only. That is why the barmaids discovered other flavors of cocktails and fruit drinks to keep the party going.

So those purple cocktail drinks or blue cocktail drinks that we find nowadays in restaurants are not alcoholic beverages. They add color to give them that “classic” look for which they are known. Also, there is a noticeable dissimilarity between a cocktail and mixed drinks.

When we talk about cocktail vs mixed drinks, you must know the difference is huge. In a mixed drink, they add a flavor to eliminate the distasteful tang of alcohol. Whereas a cocktail pleases the palate on the tongue. So in a nutshell one is finesse and the other is the solution. The cocktail is without any debate finesse here.

Some Popular cocktails ever

Although there are traditional classic cocktails all over the world. Still, this is a whole field of experimentation where new flavors are invented now and then. Some of the world-famous best cocktails are

Cosmopolitan; the pink drink

Cranberry juice and vodka and lime give this cocktail its unique flavor. The main ingredient is vodka and lime is what turns its “cranberry color” into pink. Cosmopolitan is famous and served in bars all over the world.

Ramos Jin Fizz

Ramos Jin Fizz is extremely tricky to make and delicious for those who are keen to experience variance in pleasure. The drink was introduced in the 19th century and till now is known for its unique recipe and taste. The drink contains the main flavor of gin mixed with syrup, lemon, and soda. Egg whites are used to give the foamy texture on the top. overall, the glass looks like a foamy milkshake and tastes like heaven!

The enchanting Corpse reviver

As suggested by its name, Corpse revivers is a soul-refreshing cocktail indeed. The main alcoholic ingredient used is brandy. There are 4 different types of cocktails under corpse reviver cocktail recipes. The recipe of this drink links back to the 1800s making it one of the classic cocktails of time.

The Irish coffee

Everything Irish is already heart-winning. This drink makes it to the top of the alcoholic drink list because of its ingredients. The highlighted ingredient is Irish Whiskey mixed with sugar, cream, and coffee. Irish coffee is much loved amongst cocktail lovers but requires mastery to create its perfect aroma and taste.

Hanky Panky: no more cranky

Hanky panky is one of a strong and popular cocktails made with brandy and gin. Maestros add a few notes of Fernet Branca to dilute the hangover effect of the drink. Especially, alcohol lovers love this drink.

Zombie cocktail

This cocktail deals with the hangover effects of alcohol. It keeps the customer at least half-awake. The drink is tricky and made with variant ingredients including 3-4 types of Rum, sugar, Fruit Juice, Lime, and angostura bitters.

Pina colada

Pina colada is one of the most popular tropical rum cocktails of the late 90 century. The drink is more like the texture of slush and the taste of a cocktail. It contains Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. Pina colada is refreshing and tasty still maintaining its popularity in the famous cocktail list.

Vesper: the James Bond’s drink

With the publishing of “casino royale”, the world took over vesper as one of the loved cocktail drinks. James Bond lovers order Vesper to feel more closed to their hero and that is why it is one the most popular cocktail. Vesper cocktail recipe includes gin as the main ingredient. To create magic in this chalice, they add Vodka, Lillet blonde, and gin.

Bloody Mary: a drink of deviants

Bloody Mary is surely for risky people who love to experience adventure while sipping cocktails. The drink contains spices, tomato juice, and Vodka. A unique trio indeed. Barmaids use ginger, olives, and slices of bacon for garnishing this cocktail. If you are a person of possibilities, indulge yourself in the bloody Mary experience.

Dry Martini; the loved cocktail

The magic of Dry martini is created by mixing six parts of gin added to one part of vermouth. People from all over the world love a dry martini. It is on the top of cocktails and served in bars everywhere.

Negroni; the king of popular cocktails

The Italian exquisite Served with garnished orange peel, Negroni has been the number one for many years. It contains gin, vermouth, and Campari and is one of the easy cocktail recipes yet the most savory one.

Dirty bird cocktail

a fun drink Dirty bird is for those who want to experience playfulness in a cocktail. It contains vodka, tequila, coffee, and cream. The drink is tricky to make and yummy to taste.


Mojito is a Cuban drink. They mix white rum with lime juice, sugar, mint, and soda to create this drink. This cocktail is one of the popular and common cocktails that are easy to drink. Mojito is also a famous summer drink. You will find it at the largest cocktail parties.

Where to find the best cocktails?

As we have already established a fact that many cocktails are not at all easy to make. They require perfection and mastery to create that specific magic in a chalice.

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