Some popular and easy Desserts list and recipes

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Who doesn’t want a bite of sweet deliciousness after an appetizing meal? Desserts create that “high” feeling of happiness and satisfaction that keep people hooked to the urge for more and more. Today our article is about all the sweet tooths out there who want to tickle their happy hormones with some savory sweetness. We have some popular desserts list and types of desserts for you!

 Types of Desserts

Dessert could be anything from chunks of fruits to puddings and pies. Some of the commonly served desserts include

  • Fruits
  • Sweets
  • Gelatin Dessert
  • Custard
  • Pudding and
  • Frozen Desserts

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  • Fruits

Fruits are an excellent dessert and snack. Desserts made from fruits are tasty, flavorful, and full of nutriment. These are easy to make and serve.  As they are naturally sweet so we don’t need to add any additional sweetener to them.

  • Sweets

Sweets are rich in aroma and famous for their delicious taste. Most sweets contain normal sucrose to give them flavor and are served both hot and cold. Milk as an important ingredient in sweets.

  • Gelatin Dessert

It is easy to prepare and yummy to eat. They are commonly available in supermarkets and grocery stores too. There are two forms of gelatin. One that is readymade and the other that you have to prepare by yourself. At home, you can prepare Gelatin by softening it in water. The readymade one already has sugar, flavoring, and added colors.

  • Custards

These are soft and more liquidize forms of dessert and are widely loved for their delicious flavor. You can make both baked and creamy custards depending on their recipe. Baked custards are more firm in shape with a smooth texture and creamy viscosity.  Soft custards, on the other hand, are comparatively more velvety smooth in texture and are rich in flavor. They usually have the consistency of heavy cream.

  • Puddings

Puddings are composed of starch and are delicious and simple to prepare desserts. Puddings have high consistency and can be served both hot or cold. Some commonly loved puddings are rice puddings, Corn-Starch puddings, and bread puddings.

  • Fruit Cobblers

These are desserts made from fruit but they are not fruit pies. However, Fruit cobblers’ recipes may vary according to their origin. They are usually topped with dough and multiple fruits are used in making fruit cobblers. Berries, Stone fruits apples, and peaches are a good mix for a cobbler.

  • Frozen Desserts

Ice creams are popular worldwide. Condensed milk, butterfat, cream, and other ingredients such as sweetening agents flavorings emulsifiers, and colorings are also added to the mix to create the flavor. Fruits, jellies, candy pieces, and sprinkles are a great addition to boost ice cream flavor.

  • Sherbet and Ices

Sherbet is a combo of fruit and water. It has a refreshing taste and a catchy bright color like Orange, Green, and Purple. We can easily make sherbet at home by using Jelly Crystals, Baking Powder, and Sugar.  Sherbets are like homemade non-alcoholic cocktails. Ices, on the other hand, are based on flavored Water and flavored Syrup.

5 worldwide loved Dessert recipes for kids

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Chocolate Brownie Cake

It’s one of the most loved dessert and included in kids’ healthy desserts list. Just mix the butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs, and baking powder well. Then bake in preheated oven for thirty minutes.

Peanut Butter Cups

It is an easy quick and delicious dessert recipe for kids. Homemade peanut butter, Chocolate chips, and a few drops of cooking oil can create mouth-watering peanut butter cups.

Banana Pudding

It’s a yummy recipe and one of the healthiest desserts for kids. One serving contains 623 calories. You can easily make this dish with milk butter and cornstarch.

Corn Flake Cake

It’s an easy, delicious, and healthy dessert for kids. You can make it with melted chocolate, butter, and golden syrup. Also, add marshmallows for enhanced taste.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches is another mouth-watering and quick recipe for kids. It’s a type of frozen dessert that we can easily make at home. Put Ice-Cream between two pieces of cake and delicious Ice cream sandwiches are ready. We can choose different kinds of ice cream flavors depending on the taste preference of our child.

Some famous Asian Sweet Desserts list

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  • Besan Ladoo

They are delicious traditional Asian and Nepali Sweets in which ghee, gram flour, and sugar are the basic ingredients. Ladoo is indeed a sweet of festivals and occasions. These are varieties of Ladoos including Besan Ladoo, Coconut Ladoo, and Chocolate Ladoo. They are easy dessert to make at home but are available at sweet shops too.

  • Carrot-based Sweet Dessert

Also known as Gajjar Halwa ‘’Carrot-based sweet dessert’’ is finger-licking delicious. Gajjar Halwa is a traditional North Indian, Nepali, and Pakistani Dessert made by simmering fresh grated carrots in fatty milk, sugar, and ghee.

Chopped nuts are delicious garnishing for Gajjar Halwa but you can also sprinkle almonds and pistachios for garnishing. Usually served hot, Gajjar halwa is a famous dessert during the winter season.

  • Kheer

Kheer is a sweet rice pudding. It is a common and famous dessert in Asian Countries and has three Basic ingredients rice, milk, and sugar. We can add fruits, raisins, and chopped nuts to enhance their taste.

  • Barfi

Barfi is a widely loved sweet in Asian countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and India. Milk-based Barfi is topped with pistachio and nuts for a more crunchy and exquisite flavor.

Are there any benefits of Desserts?

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People usually perceive desserts as some “fattening machine” that brings diseases. However, this is not the case. Sugar is as important as other nutrients. So consuming desserts in a limited amount do great benefits to the body. Also, there are a lot of healthy desserts which are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants are proteins.  Some of the important benefits of desserts are

In the end, all we can say is that eating dessert brings delight and joy. Desserts are for everyone regardless of age and health conditions. Now people with diabetes can also enjoy sweet sugar-free and high-fiber content desserts. We hope you have your top picks from our desserts list.

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