Why breakfast is important?

They say “breakfast decides one’s fate for the day” and we agree wholeheartedly with it. No point can advocate against the importance of the most vital meal of the day. We all should and must eat breakfast without any excuse. 

In this article, we will try to elaborate on why breakfast is important and why you should try never to miss it!

An overview of the importance of breakfast 

 Breakfast is a power meal.  Your start of a day needs to be worthy enough to get you going all day long. One is obliged to eat a healthy and nutritious meal in the morning. Skipping your breakfast is not at all a good virtue to follow.  

For all those who skip it, we recommend trying to change the routine because it is very dangerous for the body in the long run. We don’t mean to scare you but this is such a slow poisoning that you are killing yourself cell by cell.

Here we must tell you that only eating is not enough. In fact, eating right is necessary. You need energy but that energy should come from healthy sources. 

A guide to what should you eat for breakfast?

  You should eat more proteins like eggs or boiled chicken and fewer carbohydrates like bread or boiled potatoes. The reason is that our body consumes carbohydrates faster. Proteins, on the other hand, break down later. They keep our tummy fuller for a longer period and we will not get hungry.

Also, avoid sugary food. It may provide a sudden surge of energy but it will not last long. Sugar is the first thing that our body takes as an energy source. Also, excessive sugar in our body for longer periods turns it into fat. However, one can have natural and fresh fruit juices in their breakfast. They are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals.

So, In short, Things you can and cannot eat for breakfast are

  • Eat healthy portions of Proteins like eggs, fish, boiled chicken, boiled lentils, etc.
  • Salads that contain legumes, lentils, and boiled meat are best.
  • Try Oatmeal or other grain cereals.
  • Avoid sugary or artificially sweetened food.
  • Add a glass of fresh fruit juice or a portion of fruits to your morning meal. They will provide you with vital nutrients.
  • Eat a limited portion of carbohydrates. Relying solely on carbohydrates is not a healthy choice.
  • Don’t eat oily or fried food. People who tend to eat more junk in the morning stay lazy all day. Also, we know Junk food is a key to obesity.
  • Try including dairy portions like a cup of yogurt or milk. This keeps your gut healthy. 
  • If you want to see what a healthy breakfast platter looks like, go to the Fresh element restaurant in Pokhara or Kathmandu. They have a very cool and yummy breakfast menu.
Healthy Breakfast

Benefits of Breakfast

Your morning meal defines your overall health. There are so many benefits that words can’t justify. Still, we will try our best to make you realize why you should not skip breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast weaponizes you for day-long challenges

The human body works in a certain way. You provide it fuel in a form of a meal and it keeps going to do day-to-day functioning. Breakfast is important because it gives us the energy to perform routine activities.

Without your morning meal, you will experience lethargy and weakness. Imagine going in your car without petrol. What do you think of how long it can go? 

It strengthens your immunity

Breakfast doesn’t only provide energy but also kick starts your metabolism. Eating the right food strengthens your immunity and makes you healthy  When you are fully loaded with nutrients, your body can fight well. Research has shown that people who eat a morning meal, tend to fall less sick.

When one doesn’t eat in the morning they miss their chance to get proper nutrients. Overall health starts deteriorating and your immunity weakens with every passing day. So that is why breakfast is important and you should never leave yours ever. 

Breakfast is good for brain health

If you are thinking about how breakfast is important for brain health,  you must know both mind and body are connected.  A healthy body means a sharper mind and a calmer soul. When we eat in the morning, our body stays active and the mind stays fresh. Otherwise, you will soon feel lazy and even dizzy.

That is why they say breakfast is important for students. When you eat healthily and properly,  your mind stays focused and sharp. A nourished body is already a home for a fierce brain. Eating breakfast clearly affects the intellect of a person. 

Eat at eight and Loose weight 

Early morning meals boost and balance your metabolism. A lot of weight loss depends on our hormonal issues. Maintaining your body with healthy and regular eating cycles keeps the hormones in check. This helps in considerable weight loss.  

Also,  when you eat breakfast,  your chances of eating junk food at noon are highly unlikely. Which helps you in shedding those extra pounds. 

Healthy breakfast bring peaceful sleep

Irregular food cycles keep our digestive system engaged. Body organs keep working accordingly and it silently makes our body agitated. This does answer why breakfast is important? 

Our body has some silent ways to protest. Insomnia is one of them.  Sometimes we don’t even know what is bothering us? Switch to a healthy morning meal routine and see how sweet dreams chase you at night. 

It develops healthy habits

If you are wondering how breakfast develops healthy habits, then here is the answer. The best way to start fresh is early morning. Eating makes you an early bird and an early bird always find its prey. 

You will eat snacks, lunch, and dinner all on time. So breakfast actually encourages a healthy lifestyle in you. 

Is heavy breakfast important? 

If the word heavy means “oily” then no. Extra fats are not recommended at any time of the day.  However,  there is an edge that if you have eaten more in breakfast,  you have all day ahead to spend your calories on different activities. 

Instead of heavy we recommend eating a “full”  breakfast.  This means that at morning you must eat a plate that contains a portion of all food groups. Your calories will be well spent on activities and you will stay healthy and active. 


Still want to know why breakfast is important,  well here is our rhyme

Early to bed and early to rise

Breakfast on time makes a man healthy,  wealthy, and wise! 

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