Pokhara; a trip to Heaven


Pokhara is a world-famous travel destination. The city is well known for its scenic views and delicious food. As Pokhara is situated on a lakeside, the city is a major attraction for tourism…

Mark the spot on the map because the lakes, temples, trails, and restaurants in Pokhara valley have everything that you can dream of.

About Pokhara and its temptation

Rich in Nepali culture and abundant in beauty, Pokhara is full of colors, customs, and a delightful ambiance. The city offers temples, Lakes, Hilltops, and trails to those who crave adventure and fun. There are approx. 400 hotels and restaurants to welcome guests from all over the world.

Why Pokhara?

As Pokhara is a chief tourist station in Nepal, the tourist industry focuses on everything to make your trip worthwhile. The city has lots of spots where you can spend quality time with friends and family.
They have all the facilities to make your vacation memorable and most importantly comfortable. Hotels and restaurants in Pokhara give special attention to tourists as tourism plays a major role in their economy.
The food in Pokhara is great. We know that Food plays an important part in promoting tourism at any place. Pokhara offers the best Nepali food as well as international cuisine to visitors. There are a lot of restaurants, street food vendors, and food points where you will find variant food items to savor your taste buds.

Must eat in Pokhara

Well, you are in the world’s best place, right there in the center of nature’s blessings, what else you can want? Obviously, good food!
Gottcha! We understand! So we have some fine recommendations to make your trip more memorable.
There are few places to visit in Pokhara that will serve you delicious, healthy, and super tasty food. From a list of some of the famous food in Pokhara lakeside, first, let’s check down the food in budget!


Dosa is a south Indian specialty and has fans all around the globe. Pokhara doesn’t specialize only in Nepali food but also in food delicacies from all over the world.
If you are looking for inexpensive street food in Pokhara, dosa camp should be your next stop. Dosa camp in Pokhara is a small street-side food stall where you will find the best dosa of your life. Chefs are trained and the food is yum!

Turkish food

Whether it be Doner kebabs or Hummus, Turkish food is a pure delight. Don’t forget to eat street-side Turkish food while your trip to Pokhara valley. As tasty as it sounds Street food in Pokhara is worth trying.

Chaat and Biryani

Spicy food lovers know life is incomplete without chaat or biryani. Moreover, you may be surprised to know that you can find halal food in Pokhara too. That’s the beauty of a place where every food lover gets his share on the plate. Many hotels and restaurants in Pokhara serve delicious and mouth-watering biryani and chaat.


Thakali is a traditional Nepali food. It’s a combination of different curries, rice, salad, chutneys, and roti all on one plate. Thakali also has an Indian Version called Thaali.

You must try thakali not only to experience Nepali culture but also to indulge yourself in the world of taste and savouriness.

Pokhara thakali kitchen is a lakeside restaurant with wonderful views and awesome thakali. They serve the best thakali food in Pokhara.

Famous restaurants in Pokhara

Well, while on your vacations, you deserve a true dining experience. There are restaurants and hotels in Pokhara that serve the best menu with superb service. Some must-visit places are

Desi Tadkha

From Lasuni kebab to Murgh e Musalam, desi tadka multi-cuisine restaurants has all desi Asian food that you must eat. It’s an Indian restaurant where you can have both vegetarian and non-veg food.

Rosemary’s kitchen Pokhara

Start your day with Rosemary’s kitchen Pokhara. It has everything to make your morning bright. From coffee to American breakfast and drinks to brunch, your breakfast can’t be any good than this.

Little windows

Little windows has Vegan pizza, French bread, Mushroom sizzler, hummus, pad thai, and much more variety. Buddha bowl is quite a famous and popular dish in little windows. They are also famous for their amiable service. So enjoy the Pokhara weather through little windows of joy and taste.

French creperie

Mastered in French cuisine, the French creperie restaurant has a variety of menus to jiggle your taste buds. They have cocktails, wines, brb-q, brunch menu, kids meal, desserts, and french menu.
Relax and enjoy!

Fresh Element restaurant

Fresh element restaurant

Well, if you are looking for an exquisite dining experience with fine cocktails, wonderful views, and delicious food then Fresh element is your place. They have the longest bar and a rich menu serving both Traditional and international cuisine. It is a must-go and highly recommended restaurant in Pokhara.


Byanjan is a Pokhara lakeside restaurant where you can enjoy Beautiful Pokhara views while having mouth-watering food. It is one of the best Restaurants on Pokhara lakeside. They serve Nepali and desi food.

Cafe Concerto

If you are an Italian food lover, Cafe concerto welcomes you! They serve the best Italian food and most importantly the best pizza in Pokhara.

Natssul Korean restaurant

For all the Korean food lovers who crave Korean food in Pokhara, Natssul Korean restaurant is the best choice. Overall, Natssul restaurant is beautiful and the view is spectacular.

Roadhouse Cafe Pokhara

This is the only restaurant that advertises itself as LGBTQ friendly place!.

This is simply so heart-stealing.
Everyone deserves that love and care and road house Cafe Pokhara is willing to give it. The restaurant has outdoor seating, a kid-friendly menu, special deals and so much to win our hearts.

Lotus cafe

If you are looking for a Cheap restaurant in Pokhara that can serve large groups of people, go to a lotus cafe. They have a reasonable menu, tasty food, and an amazing view.

Most of the above-mentioned cafes and restaurants also offer food delivery in Pokhara along with dine-in or takeaway options. You can also avail yourself of online food delivery in Pokhara through their websites and call service.

So in a nutshell, pack your bags and mark the Pokhara map because Pokhara is calling you!

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