Lime Juice Benefits That You Must Know!

lime juice benefits

Lime juice is added to beverages and cuisine for its citrus tangy flavour. Sometimes it doesn’t make up the whole taste palette but uplifts other ingredients in the dish. Lime juice drinks are refreshing whereas the use of lime juice in cooking, makes dishes taste better and unique. Let’s see what are lime juice benefits and why should we try to add more of it to our diet.

Lime Juice Benefits

It is Loaded With Vitamin C

All citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to keep skin healthy and fresh and boost the immune system. Lime juice beverages are a great source of hydration during heat waves as they not only hydrate the body but also balance the electrolytes.
Vitamin C also saves cells from damage, thus keeping our skin young and elastic. With consistent use of lime juice, you will see a visible difference in your skin health. It will radiate like never before.

Best For Digestion

Lime juice is acidic. Acids help our stomach in breaking down food. Unlike sodas, lime juice is a mild and natural acid without that extra sugar content. SO lime juice stimulates your digestion process, making the food breakdown easier. It also relieves constipation and provides relief in heartburn.

Lime Juice Is Very Hydrating

refreshing lime juice

Lime juice is very tasty and citrusy. It feels refreshing to sip it drop by drop. It is an excellent source of water retention in your cells. So if you are not fond of drinking a lot of water for hydration, try lime juice in water instead. It will balance the electrolytes. Drinking lime juice after exercise keeps you energetic and fresh and saves you from fatigue.

Role Of Lime Juice In Weight Management

Lime juice is not a direct source of weight reduction but it does aid the process. First, it is low calorie and high nutrient juice so it is a very good substitute for energy drinks and sodas. You can add it to your meals without any added calories in your diet.
It also boosts metabolism so it helps in burning more calories. Moreover, if you drink lime juice before a meal, it will suppress your appetite so you will eat less.

Lime Juice Is A Skin Tonic

Lime juice is a natural tonic for your skin health. It prevents acne, clears blemishes and makes your skin luminous. Also, it has inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so having lime juice regularly in your diet also prevents acne and dark spots.
We suggest, that instead of using high-budget makeup products that claim to have lime, try natural lemon instead. Also, some people believe that rubbing lemon zest on your skin clears it and provides better benefits than makeup products with lots of chemicals.

Lime Juice For Heart Health

Cholesterol blocks your veins and causes many heart problems. Whereas, Lime juice is beneficial for lowering bad cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. Also, Lime juice has antioxidants that don’t allow plaque to build up in your arteries keeping them new and in working condition. Consider your heart health protected with regular use of Lime Juice.

Iron Absorption

Some minerals in the body don’t absorb directly. Lime juice helps in the absorption of iron from plant-based food. It can prevent anaemia by converting non-Heme iron into a more absorbable form. So take lime juice regularly with an iron-based diet and it will prevent anaemia.

Natural Detoxifier

Lime juice is a natural detoxifier. It removes toxins from your body and cleanses it from within. You can add it to a detoxifying drink or take lime juice only as a detoxifier. The Citric acid in Lime juice will flush out toxins from the liver and kidneys.
Also, nature is mysterious. Lime juice may be acidic but it balances the PH of the body by neutralizing the acidic content in the body.

glass of lime juice

Lime Juice Is Anti Inflammatory

This may sound strange but drinking Lime juice regularly can help with arthritis and joint pain because lime juice has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also relieves symptoms of respiratory problems like cough or asthma.

Taste Enhancer

Lime juice is very refreshing and provides a distinct taste to drinks and cuisines. It can be used in cooking or as a dressing and tastes good in everything. Lime juice is a very good salad dressing ingredient and provides a tangy flavour. It is also a natural preserver and can keep vegetables and fruits from browning. Also, lemon is used as a key ingredient in many cocktails.

How Can You Use Lime Juice In Your Daily Diet?

To reap all the benefits, you have to use lime juice daily in some way. Here is how you can do it.

  • Drink lime juice empty stomach in the morning as a detoxifying drink and it will kick magically start your metabolism. Also, it will keep you fresh throughout the day, will aid in digestion and keep you hydrated. For this detoxifying drink keep the ratio of water and lime 1:1.
  • Either add a few slices of lime or some drops of lime juice to your water. If you are not fond of citrusy beverages, this is a great way to intake lime juice. You will keep ingesting lime with every glass of water that you drink.
  • Squeeze lime juice on your salads and your steaks and roasted vegetables and enjoy the crispiness and tangy flavour.
  • Mix lime juice with other fruit juices to make a smoothie. It tastes well with mango, pineapple and coconut juices.
  • Add lime juice in deserts to give them a unique and delicious flavour.

Using Lime Juice For Beauty

Mix lemon juice with honey and yoghurt to create a hydrating face mask. It will rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.
Using lime juice for hair reduces dandruff, gives shine to hair and keeps your scalp itch-free.
Use lime juice with sugar and coconut oil to make a body scrub. It will exfoliate your dead skin, prevent bacterial growth and keep your skin moisturised.

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