Are Pickles Good For Your Skin?

are pickles good for your skin

Pickles are widely used all over the world and people love pickles of all flavours. They are a yummy add-on to foods, giving them a spicy twist. Pickles are made using vegetables and fruits. Many people claim that pickles are very good for skin and acne. Are they? Yes! In many ways. Though the details are negotiable, our article today is about whether pickles are good for your skin and acne or not.

How Are Pickles Good For Your Skin?

Pickles are beneficial for the skin in many ways. Here are some of the points to support this theory.

Pickles Are Good For Hydration

Though pickles are not the primary source of hydration in the body, many pickles especially cucumber ones, are made in water. Hydration keeps the skin healthy and luminous. Regular consumption of hydrating foods keeps our skin moist, supple and soft. It prevents dryness and flakes. So pickles are a food that can contribute to good skin health. 

Sodium and Potassium in pickles help our body maintain proper fluid balance in body thus keeping our electrolytes in check.

Pickles Are Good For Your Skin Because They have Skin Friendly Nutrients

Pickles are usually rich in vitamin C. Now we all know how Vitamin C is a potion of youth. Vitamin C helps the skin in producing collagen which keeps our skin firm. Also, pickles are made with fruits and veggies so they are rich in skin-friendly nutrients anyway. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that reduce premature ageing and skin damage. 

Our AdviceEat Pickle Stay Young!

Eating pickles with food also promotes food absorption. Vitamins and minerals in our diet get absorbed by the digestive tract and our body effectively uses them to our advantage.

They Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Fermented pickles are a very good anti-inflammatory source. Fermented food contains bacteria that are good for our bodies. They fight germs and resolve underlying conditions. Consuming pickles regularly may help in achieving clearer skin and better complexion. 

Pickles Good For Your Gut Health

Good skin means good gut health. When your gut health is disturbed, it shows on your skin in the form of pimples, acne and skin conditions. Pickles are rich in probiotics. Probiotics promote microbiome which positively affects your gut health. So consuming pickles in your food can introduce good bacteria and strengthen your gut. 

Also, pickles have bacteria that help in breaking down food and contribute to food absorption in the body. So not directly, but it contributes to regular bowel movements preventing you from gas, bloating and constipation. All these resolved issues have a good impact on the skin. 

As they contribute to good digestive health, they reduce the risk of Irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease. Probiotics help strengthen the intestinal barrier and modulate immune responses in the gut, which can contribute to overall gut health.

Pickles Cleanse Your Body From Toxins

Pickle making involves a process where pickles undergo a natural preservation process. This process promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help the body in many ways. They detoxify your liver and eliminate toxins from your body. This results in luminous skin and a sparkling glow. 

Are Pickles Good For Your Skin Acne?

pickles good for acne

There is no scientific proof that pickles are good for acne. However, they contribute to making your skin conditions better. Acne can be a result of many things. Getting to know the root cause is important. Pickles are good in eliminating many of those root causes. 

The notion can be reversed also. In many cases, pickles can also contribute to acne on the skin. Homemade pickles are good but commercially processed pickles are debatable and this is how pickles are not good for your skin. 

High In Sodium

Commercially processed pickles mostly use salt as a preservative because it is less costly and most effective. This high sodium content is dangerous for many individuals. Sodium can cause water retention in the body. It can also cause bloating and elevate inflammation in the body. So eating processed pickles may trigger your skin acne.

Pickles Have Additives And Preservatives

Commercial pickles use artificial additives and preservatives. These chemicals include sulfate. Sulfate is known to trigger skin reactions and allergies. So consuming commercial pickles can cause a breakout on the skin. 

How Are Pickles Bad For Your Gut Health?

Commercial pickles use salt, vinegar, and oil instead of going through fermentation and other time-consuming processes. These pickles lack good bacteria and can have adverse effects on gut health. So if a pickle is affecting gut health in a worse way, it may cause acne breakouts on the skin. 


Many people are simply allergic to pickles and consuming pickles can cause damage to their skin. Especially, acne breakouts! So if your skin reacts to commercial pickles, it’s better not to use them at all.

So it’s safe to say that commercial pickles are not good for your skin or acne. They can cause it and worsen it.

Are Pickles Good For Your Weight Management?

Yeah! maybe

Pickles are usually low in calories (even if they are preserved in oil, we don’t use them in high quantities). They have high fibre content and low calories. They can be a great and healthy snack tooSo if you are trying to maintain your weight, pickles may be a good snack for you.  

In short, pickles can be both good and bad for your skin. It depends on what kind of pickles you are using, how much quantity is used and how you are using them. Eat homemade, mostly fermented pickles and add them as a part of your diet. 

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