Fresh Fruit juice Benefits- Magic Potions

Fresh fruit juice is a magical potion brewed right from the essence of nature. The human body is a miracle itself and nature does everything in its power to nurture it. That is why every natural thing is so refreshing and soothing to the soul. Fresh fruit juice benefits are unlimited.

We have a lot to advocate about “Is fresh Fruit juice healthy?”  And how Fresh juices are vitalizing for both body and soul.  Trust us,  we will leave no stone unturned to convince you as well. Moreover, In this article, we will shed light on everything related to the benefits of fresh juices that you might need to know. 

Fresh Fruit Juices

Eating raw fruits and fresh salads is a good habit indeed, but some people prefer fresh juices extracted from the pulp of fruits. However, Fresh juices have their own sets of benefits that you can’t get by simply eating that fruit. 

Health-conscious people prefer fresh juices in their raw form with no added sugar or other ingredients. This is the optimal way to get its benefits. Excessive sugar intake doesn’t only decrease the efficiency of fresh juice but can lead to other health problems also.

You can make fresh fruit juice with almost all fruits. Some fruits are watery themselves like watermelon fruit juice and you can add water in others. Adding water results in a perfect smoothie for example cranberry juice or pineapple juice. 

Fresh Fruit Juice Benefits 

Fresh Juice in a glass

It’s important to include fresh fruit juices in your daily diet. They have a lot of fibre content, are rich in vitamins and minerals, and keep your body hydrated. Some Fresh fruit juice benefits include

Fresh Fruit Juice Vitalizes Your Body And Soul

The best form of sugar that we can instil in our body is the one that occurs naturally. Fresh fruit juices are energetic. Some of them are full of fructose;  an excellent natural source of sugar. We all know sugar is instant energy. If you are ever feeling down,  a glass of fresh juice can power up your body.  

This doesn’t only have a good impact on one’s body but also on the soul. When we sip fresh juice,  the fructose in the fruits affects the limbic cortex in our brain. As a result, our brain gets dopamine signals and we feel good about ourselves after having a glass of juice. 

Boosts the metabolism

Our body works in a certain mechanism. With better metabolism, the energy breakdown is more efficient. As a result, all the organs can perform tasks in a better way. Slow metabolism causes diseases, obesity, lethargy, etc 

Drinking Fresh juice daily increases our metabolism. It triggers efficient energy breakdown and we stay fit and healthy. 

Keeps us hydrated

Drinking Juice is the best way to keep us hydrated. Water is the foundation of life. However, sometimes it’s difficult to cope with the “14 glasses of water daily” challenge. Juices are tasty, refreshing, and watery. Adding pulp makes them even more desirable.

Also, we can’t deny the benefits of drinking juice daily for the skin. You can see a glow on your skin within a few days. 

Nutrient Profile Of Fresh Fruit Juices

Fruits contain lots of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that can fill up our daily requirement of nutrients. They are a superb source of “direct nutrition”.  

Although veggies and Salads are also nutritious, sometimes you have to cook or steam them. A lot of nutrients get wasted in this way. Having fresh juice ensures a better and more direct intake of nutrients than any other food 

Fresh Fruit Juice Detoxify your body

our bodies need detoxifying now and then. Fresh juices are the best way to detox your body. They cleanse your mind, body, and soul. With a careful choice of ingredients, you can create a healthy and suitable prune for you. You can also add mint or ginger for taste enhancement as well as a detoxifying agent.

Aids in the digestive process 

Dehydration can dry up the intestinal lining as well as your digestive tract. When we eat food, liquids are the first thing to get absorbed in the body. Fresh fruit juices keep gut health on track. They also help with constipation and make bowel movements better.

Keeps us happy, healthy, and younger

Yes, juices are magic potions indeed! They open the doors to merriment. Imagine our gut health is on point,  metabolism is ideal, and there is a surge of energy in our body. What else do we need?

How much fresh fruit juice should I drink in a day? 

Fresh Juices have unlimited benefits. Certainly, this doesn’t mean you are going to tank up your tummy with it. Despite Fruit juices being hydrating,  they should cover the fruit portion of your diet. A portion meal of a healthy platter contains one glass of unsweetened fruit juice daily. Also, don’t add extra sugar to it. 

Don’t be impatient to ask How long it takes to see the benefits of juicing. Give yourself time. It will take at least a month after including juice in your diet to see and feel a visible difference in you. 

Are There Any Disadvantages of Fresh Fruit Juice?

We have no denial in accepting Fresh fruit juice as a blessing.  However,  everything must be consumed in the right way to ensure its benefits. Fruit juices can be harmful if

  • You are adding sweet fruits with high fructose levels. You can’t compare peach juice to mango juice. Avoid sugary fruits like Mangoes, pineapples, grapes, etc.  Add more berries and fruits like oranges,  apples, and peaches. 
  • Excessive sugar can alter your metabolism in the worst way. This can lead to obesity and related problems.
  • Raw juices can be a source to pass down different microorganisms in the body. Doctors recommend avoiding fresh fruit juice when you are already having diarrhoea or a stomach problem. 

Fresh Fruit Juice Benefits For Vitalizing Your Body In Winter 

Fresh Juices

There is a common myth that juices are not good in winter.  We totally negate this. There is no such thing as “juice-free winters”. In fact, many fresh fruit juices can help you to regain your health and stay healthy during winter. Also, we advise you to drink fresh juice in the early morning. 

Fresh Fruit juice vs Soda

Although many people claim that eating Fresh fruits is a better option, Fresh fruit juices are also undeniably best. However, comparing it to soda is the most insane thing. Sodas are full of sugar and are extremely harmful to health. 

If you can’t resist the temptation of drinking juice from outside,  go to Fresh Elements restaurant in Pokhara, Kathmandu At least they have healthy options in the juice menu that will satisfy your addiction as well as prioritize your health. 


In the end, the Fresh fruit juices keep us active and fit. They increase our metabolism and all those antioxidants are magic wands for anti-aging. 

So in a nutshell, Fresh Fruit juice benefits are worth trying. It is a dream come true. Thanks to Mother Nature! 

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