What Is Squash Vegetable And What Benefits It Has?

what is squash vegetable

Squash vegetable resembles both pumpkin and zucchini but is neither pumpkin nor zucchini. Although all three vegetables belong to the same botanical family and may look similar, they are different in taste. Chefs use them in variant recipes. Zucchini and Pumpkins are both in a sub-category of squash but squash vegetable is a broader term. Squash vegetables are famous for their use in different culinary recipes. […]

How To Use Coriander Root In Cooking?

coriander root

Yes, you read it right. Coriander root may be the most overlooked part of this commonly used greenie but they are very powerful in terms of taste and benefits. People all over the world are realizing coriander root benefits and using it in their culinary recipes. Today, our article is about how to use coriander root in your cooking and extract most of its benefits. First, you need […]

Mala Chicken Restaurant Style Recipe And Tips

mala chicken

If you are a spice food lover, Mala ji chicken is for you! Unlike most Chinese cuisine, Mala ji chicken is known for its hot and fiery taste. Also known as ” Mala ji”, this fiery cuisine can light up your sensory buds and make you drink water jugs. The dish is sensational, spicy and […]

Arrabiata Sauce

arrabiata sauce

Well, if you are craving something spicy and want to tingle your tongue, it’s time to make Arrabiata. Arrabiata comes from a family of Italian cuisine, much beloved and cherished worldwide. The name has an interesting story. Arrabbiata means angry in Italian which very much translates into the fiery notes of the dish.  Arrabbiata is pronounced “ah-rahb-bee-AH-tah” with the […]

Make Homemade Alfredo Pasta Sauce

homemade alfredo pasta sauce

Thinking about How to make homemade alfredo pasta sauce at home? Well! Who doesn’t love pasta? and when it’s alfredo pasta, you simply can resist the temptation. The aroma is so irresistible even from far away. The dish has gained so much popularity that now Alfredo pasta is available in every corner of the world […]

Ants On Trees Recipe

ants on trees

If you are fond of adventurous food, ants on trees might be your dish. Don’t worry! these are not real ants from the tree but the dish gets its name from its looks. The plate and overall presentation do look like ants on the tree. The real adventure here is experiencing the food that looks […]

Cheesy Potatoes Recipe Aka Funeral Potatoes

cheesy potatoes recipe

As weird as the name sounds, funeral potatoes are yummy cheesy potatoes or shredded potatoes. They got this name because usually they are served as comfort food after funerals. They are quite common in the American Midwest. The mouthwatering creamy cheesy potato is a yummy food that is loved by many. Let’s see how you […]

Basil Pesto Pasta Recipe – Pesto Sauce Recipe For Pasta

basil pesto pasta recipe

Italian food has a worldwide fanbase. Pasta is loved in Italian food and people all over the world play with different sauces and styles to make their pasta recipes yummier than ever. Today, we will give you our secret magical recipe for Basil Pesto pasta and how to make pesto sauce recipe for pasta. Basil […]

How To Make Perfect Spaghetti Bolognese – Recipe

spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is a classic Italian pasta dish. It has long, thin strands of spaghetti noodles dipped in a rich sauce known as Bolognese sauce. The sauce typically contains a combination of ground meat (such as beef, veal, or pork), tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and sometimes vegetables like carrots and celery. It is a beloved […]

Tasty Rosemary Chicken Recipe

chicken rosemary

Rosemary chicken is widely loved for its simple yet satisfying taste. You can also make chicken rosemary at home with just a few basic ingredients and easy steps. This delicious meal will surely delight your taste buds. Today, we have an easy rosemary chicken recipe for you. You can give this recipe a try and […]