Why Are Dried Figs Good For You?

Dry Figs

Absolutely! Dried figs are the best source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also aid in weight loss and fight off cancerous cells. Moreover, figs make your heart health good, and help with diabetes. What else can you ask for? Dried Figs are indeed one of the most beneficial dry fruits and eating them daily can improve your health magically.


The nutritional profile of dried figs is impressive. They are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fiber and can contribute to our daily nutritional requirements. Dried figs are a super food and the calories in 2 dried figs are almost 100 which is quite noteworthy. As these calories are coming from very healthy sources, they give you energy without increasing cholesterol levels in the body. Also, keep in mind that dry figs have more calories than fresh figs.

Here are the figs benefits that will explain why dried figs are good for you?

The Fiber Content

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Figs are loaded with fiber and fiber aids in the digestive process. So figs are a happy food for the stomach. They are easily digestible, and absorbable by the body and aid in healthy bowel movements.

Also, we all know how fiber intake can boost weight loss. They help us to feel fuller and reduce appetite. So both fresh and dried figs are good for weight loss and help with weight management.

Omega 3, 6, And Fatty Acids

Figs are loaded with good calories. They have phenol and pectin that keep the heart healthy and reduce the risk of cholesterol building. They also suppress triglycerides in the body which can otherwise cause heart diseases.


Figs have a good amount of potassium and are less in sodium. Potassium keeps the fluid level within cells in check. So dried Figs help with blood pressure control too.

Dried Figs For The Lungs

You can use 2 Figs to make fig tea which is good for lung health. They ease lung conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and sore throat.

Helps In Diabetes

Figs are sweet and tasty. The best thing is that they help in controlling blood glucose and regulating insulin in the body. So figs are very good for diabetic patients and can be included in their daily intake diet.

Are Dried Figs Good For Your Bone Health?

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Figs are high in calcium. They significantly reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis which is common among females. In Osteoporosis, bones start losing calcium and after a certain age, lose their density and become fragile. Eating figs daily is good for bone health. The calcium in figs fights osteoporosis and the phosphorus helps the bones to regrow.

Figs And Reproductive Health

Figs benefits for females are quite impressive. They can induce periods, regulate hormones, and help in PCOS. Figs benefits for males are also jaw-dropping. They increase sperm count in males thus helping with increasing fertility.

What Are The Fig Benefits For Skin?

The vitamins in figs help in regulating sebum production and melanin in the skin. Figs keep skin glowing, tight, hydrated, and rejuvenated. Though they don’t have a direct impact on the skin but adding them to your diet is good for skin health.

Figs also contain magnesium which balances acne-inducing hormones in the body. So figs can prevent acne and pimples on the skin too.

When To Eat Dry Figs?

You can eat dry figs anytime. They will benefit you in unimaginable ways.

  • As figs are rich in fiber, eating them in the morning eases bowel movements and keeps you full for the day ahead. High-calorie content provides energy and keeps you active.
  • Eating figs at night promotes deep sleep and reduces insomnia. Magnesium in figs directly alters the sleep cycle of a person.
  • Figs in lunch are a great snack to kill hunger and feel fuller. So whatever time it is, dried figs are good for health.

Are Dried Figs Good For You While Pregnant?

Dried figs are a great snack choice during pregnancy. They have zinc and calcium which is crucial for fetus development in the first trimester. Also, figs are good for pregnant anemic mothers because they provide sufficient iron to the body. They are also good energy sources to fight fatigue and lethargy. Furthermore, dry figs are a great source of minerals and vitamins needed during pregnancy.

Also, vitamin E in figs helps in the lung development of a fetus. Overall, due to its dense nutrient profile, figs are a highly recommended food for pregnant women. Pregnant women should eat 2-3 figs a day.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Eating Dried Figs?

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Well, figs benefits and side effects go hand in hand. As figs cleanse the bowel and reduce constipation, their overuse can cause diarrhea. Also, using figs with blood thinners can alter the effects of the medicine. Also, dried figs can harm your liver because we eat seeds along with figs.

Figs are good for diabetic patients but in normal people, they can reduce blood sugar levels.

Can You Soak Dry Figs?

Yes, soaking multiplies the fig benefits. Dry figs are hard and have high fiber content. Soaking them will moisten the texture and break down digestible fiber. Soaked figs are gentle on the stomach and plump to eat.

To soak dried figs, just add some figs to a bowl of water and let them soak overnight. They will turn soft and juicy. Enjoy them as it is or add honey, yogurt, or cheese to enhance the flavor.

Overall, figs are a great dry fruit that have numerous benefits for health. Use figs daily in your diet and see how it transforms your whole perspective of quality eating.

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