Different Types Of Food And How To Make Portions In Your Daily Diet!

The world is full of variant types of food cultures. Some are veg and some are non-veg. It doesn’t matter if you like Chinese types of food or Mexican types of food. One thing common across the globe is how we categorize these different types of food into diverse food groups.

Today our article is about how you can adopt a healthy lifestyle by picking up food from each food group.

What Are The Main Food Groups?

Well, the internet is full of “what are the 7 types of food” or “10 types of food” lists. In reality that is just to gain public attention with false “over-information”. Like how is someone supposed to remember 20 types of food groups?

The basic food groups include

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats/sugar
  • Dairy
  • Fruits/vegetables

Human beings can not only survive but also stay very healthy by taking the right proportion of each food group. Each of the above groups contains food items with either similar nutrition profiles or ones with the same biological categorization.

Let’s have a little explanation about those food groups and then we can proceed further with our diet plan.


keto diet

All meats, eggs, and lentils come under the protein category of food. These are considered super healthy and included in all types of diets. As proteins help in muscle gain and promote muscle growth, many diet regimens follow the protein-based diet.

Keto is one of the world-famous diets that include protein intake as one of the “highlighting” aspects of the diet regimen. Non-veg people can easily have their share of protein through the meat. On the other hand, vegetarians can go for plant-based protein food.



What types of food are carbohydrates? Well, Starchy food like potatoes and bread are included in Carbohydrates and are full of calories. Just as protein helps in muscle gain, Carbohydrates give us instant energy.

The basic difference between carbs and proteins is that proteins take time to digest so they give us energy and keep us full for longer periods. However, carbohydrates are a “quick” source of fuel. They are digested more easily than proteins so we are likely to feel hunger again. That is why if you are addicted to carbohydrates, you are more likely to get obese.

Fats/ Sugar

good fats

If you are surprised why fats and sugar are in the same group then let us clear this confusion. They both are super full of calories and give instant energy. When our body has had its share of daily required calories, the rest are stored in the form of fats. Also, our body tends to convert excessive sugar into fat and reserve it for later.

Here you must keep in mind that fats certainly don’t mean junk food. There are two types of fats. One is good fats also called HDL. This type of fat is present in fish oil, olive oil, soya and corn oils, etc. When consumed in limited quantity, they are good for the body and keep our health in check.

Bad fats or LDL, on the other hand, is a ticket to many diseases. It promotes unhealthy weight gain and is a great danger to our heart health. Junk food is bad fats. If you are concerned about what types of food are junk food? Then know that all the oily, starchy, and fried food that is eaten for pleasure is included in junk food.

Dairy Products

healthy food

All the milk-related items include in dairy. Dairy is good for bone health as it is loaded with the calcium content. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter products are dairy products. Also, strictly, desserts don’t include in “dairy”.

Vegetables And Fruits

green vegetables

The healthiest type of food in all food groups are vegetables and fruits. They have fewer calories and loaded with healthy nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and fiber. As the calorie content is very low, you can eat as many veggies as you want, till your tummy is full.

How To Make a Portion Of Food Groups In Your Diet?

portion control

Your daily diet must include all food groups. This is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Although diets like keto and Atkins are famous but eating only one type of food category is bad for health in long term.

Mostly, these diet regimens are followed for quick weight loss. They may trigger weight-loss too but our body needs all types of nutrition to stay healthy. Sticking to such diets makes us sick in long term.  So even if you are planning weight loss, do it the right way. That is eating healthy food, avoiding junk food, and through proper exercise and lifestyle changes.

The right portion of a healthy diet includes a plate that has everything on it. The general rule is the 1:2 rule. Divide your plate into 4 parts. Add two parts veggies and one part both carbs and protein each.

  • For fruits, a portion equivalent to your hand is enough. Citrus fruits are best. Sugary fruits also constitute the sugar portion of your diet.
  • In dairy, you can take a small cup of yogurt or a glass of milk. (Yogurt is richer in calcium than milk).
  • For fats, remember that one tbsp of healthy oil is enough daily dose. You may use it to cook or garnish your food. For like, add a spoonful of olive oil to your salad. Air frying is the best technique to cut down excessive fats in your diet.
  • Sugar is present in most natural foods. Instead of white sugar, stick to that idea. Fruits have fructose and milk has lactose.  Remember sugar addiction is just 24 hrs. long. Once you control it, it will go away like it never existed. You will find natural food quite sugary once you will cut down on extra sugar in your diet.
  • Also, add a fist full of nuts to your diet. Nuts are rich in vitamins, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, and fiber.
  • Like keto and Carbs, there is a diet that says eating all types of food will make you healthy and they call this diet “portion control”.

Are Liquids Also Included In Food Groups?

fruit cocktails

Many nutritionists also include liquids in food groups. They can be a part of the diet group but not the type of food itself. Orange juice is a substitute for fruit intake with less fiber content. Try replacing cold drinks and caffeinated drinks with fresh juices, milk, and herbal teas. Limit alcohol consumption and drink as much water as you can. Boom! Your fluid intake portion is covered!

In the end, pick your diet wisely. Choose the one which has all types of food groups included as this is the key to a healthy life. Health is wealth and we want to see you richer than ever!


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