Vegetarian Cannelloni

Vegetarian Cannelloni

The Best Italian food

One of the Best Italian foods out there. As a primi piatti, the pasta rolls filled with vegetables are entirely to the taste of the Sicilians. They love the pasta dish in combination with a ragù, a strong sauce, and of course typically Italian with grated hard cheese. Spaghetti, fusilli or penne? Today there is Cannelloni alla Siciliana! The approximately ten centimeters long pasta tubes traditionally have a diameter of around two to three centimeters and can therefore be filled with all kinds of goodies.

Imagine coming to Fresh Elements to this mouthwatering Vegetarian Cannelloni……with a lovely taste of Basil topping and filled with lovely melted cheese and selected organic veggies, served with exceptional service, even for picky eaters!! Get the best flavors of Italy on your platter from the freshest, healthy and organic Nepali farm’s ingredients. A healthy vegetarian delight that is rich with vitamins, nutrients and flavorful fresh herbs. A perfect vegetarian classic!!

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