Savor the Delight of Hot Pot at Fresh Elements Restaurant


Discover the Hot Pot Heaven at Fresh Elements Restaurant, Pokhara Ever wondered what makes a hot pot so special? Join us as we explore this culinary delight at Fresh Elements Restaurant, a gem in Lakeside Pokhara. What Makes Hot Pot Irresistible? Hot pot is not just a dish; it’s an experience. It’s about gathering around […]

Interesting and Quick Food Ideas That Will Light up Your Dinner  Table

Interesting and Quick Food Ideas That Will Light up Your Dinner  Table Dinner is that time of the day when the entire family gathers around the day after a long hectic day at work. It is mainly when everyone is looking for a peaceful time to enjoy with their family while having an amazing meal. […]

Fun Birthday Ideas; Celebrate your birthday at Fresh Elements Restaurant

Birthdays are a reminder of our existence and everyone deserves the best of a day! Luckily Fresh Elements restaurant has all that we need! Celebrate your birthday in a Fresh element restaurant and have a divine experience of sheer festivity and celebration. Today we have some super fun small birthday ideas to make your day […]

The best Pizza hunt; A true treat for Foodaholics

Thank God we are living in modern times where Pizza is as advanced as ourselves. Now we have variant flavors, cheesy toppings, and crunchy crusts.  We can choose the pizza of our dreams from a variety of flavors and textures. Today in this article,  we will spill some beans on why Pizza is so widely […]

Why breakfast is important?

They say “breakfast decides one’s fate for the day” and we agree wholeheartedly with it. No point can advocate against the importance of the most vital meal of the day. We all should and must eat breakfast without any excuse.  In this article, we will try to elaborate on why breakfast is important and why […]

Fresh Salad and the Amazing Benefits for the body

Salad Ingredients

In a world full of fast food, the struggle to become a salad lover is real. People consume oily and junk food knowing that it will cause obesity and other health problems. If one would know the benefits of fresh Salad for the body, we bet you will consider switching to them forever. Why salads? […]

“MSG bad for you” Is the notion a genuine thing?

Display of Herbs for MSG

MSG surely gave cuisine a new perspective and took the culinary arts by storm. It became a sure ingredient in many platers. Soon with turning heads, many questions started rising. Debates about MSG being harmful became the talk of the town. It stirred unease, not only amongst Cordon Bleus but also the foodies.  So here […]